Trip Into Russia

Tomorrow I leave for Russia. This is my first trip this year into the nation. I fly Regina-Toronto-Frankfurt-Moscow-Yekenterinburg. It is a full 30 hour trip with tight connections except in Moscow. I am praying for good weather, no delays, and a clear path to run between flights so as not to miss my ride. Join me in prayer, please.

Upon arrival at 9:15p on Wednesday I will be picked up and driven (about 3 hours) to the city of Tagin where I will be working for four days. Then I move to the city of Lysva for 4 more days of ministry. I will also be ministering in Yekenterinburg for 2 days … Then an 800 km trip to the city of Yugorsk where there are several smaller churches that have just left a very controlled legalistic system and moved out on their own. I am to help them get established with the right foundation as they discover the true freedom that only Christ can bring. Hopefully we can begin to establish a proper apostolic and prophetic foundation for these two new works.

I return on the 15th of May in time to plant gardens and grass seed and begin to do some landscaping. Then I leave on the 4th of June for a two week apostolic ministry trip into Armenia. More on that later.

Your prayers for this trip are greatly appreciated. It is an unsettled time in Russia (and Ukraine) and so there is more of the “unknown” than I usually face. But God is faithful and good and I have peace about the trip and feel that much will be accomplished and established for the Lord and His Kingdom.

The blogs may not be regular due to the travel and availability of Wi-Fi in each location. I will do my best to post an update daily. You can also watch Facebook for more frequent updates.

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