Trip Coming To An End

Early morning here in Russia. Events last night ended at 1:30a local time Thursday and the trip to the airport started at 4:00a Short night – most likely a long day as I live the same 12 hours twice. Now in one of four Moscow international airports waiting for my flight – 7 hours between landing and taking off again. Then on the Frankfurt, Germany, Toronto, and then Regina. Home late Thursday night local time and noon Friday body time. If you have never had jet lag – the 12 hour variety – you don’t want to know what the first day home is like.

I am drinking a $9.00 coffee in the airport – nothing special, just airport prices. But there is wireless, it is quiet, no one is bothering me and I am not having to minister. Yesterday there were four different sets of pastors I met with – none of which were originally scheduled… so it was an extra busy day and somewhat heavy spiritually. But, I am here to give apostolic input and oversight and so I simply did what needed to be done. The September trip back to the same area (Yekenterinburg) has gained three churches I didn’t visit this time, a city-wide conference, and a lot of apostolic follow-up connected to this trip. I will also be running a three day seminar twice in two locations (cities). So, things are developing and multiplying in this ministry here. Connected to the trip will be a four day visit to Moscow to work there as well.

While here I have also been talking with Kyrgyzstan setting dates for November (October sees me in Marion, Ohio and in Denver, Colorado so the earliest available dates were in November and early December. That fills the year … with 4 or 5 invites still outstanding and needing scheduling. Certainly no shortage of work and I feel that much is being accomplished and many lives and churches are changing as they become more apostolic-prophetic and no longer pastoral … the church Jesus is building versus the one that man has built and controlled.

As well, I need to be focusing on writing more material. The demand and requests for written material is almost overwhelming. Material in Farsi, Armenian, Russian, and English, Spanish, and French. Another concern that needs to be solved. A series of opportunities that can be met – because nothing is impossible with God.

On arriving home I am preparing for a television show on Access Communications (province-wide) that will be taping the weekend after I am home. I will be doing a complete program on “rebellion and disobedience” with the opportunity to give my testimony as well. Please pray as I prepare and tape the show for summer broadcasting and rebroadcasting. As well, I will be just two and a half weeks away from leaving for Armenia and there is much to prepare before flying to Yerevan, the capital city through Toronto and Paris, France. Maybe God can add an extra day to each week, an extra week to each month or I simply need to find someone who can clone me. Kidding aside, these are great opportunities to minister God’s Word and set people free. Please pray!

Now that this trip is over I will be going back to regular blogs … on the Church, it’s DNA, and how to transform what is into what must be – the Church that Jesus is building. Hopefully it will start on Monday.

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