Travel Day – Home I Come

I am flying today – well, the planes do the flying and I just sit and read and write. I go from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Istanbul, Turkey, to Toronto and then in the my home city of Regina. 30 hours in transit. And with the 12 hours time difference between Central Asia and my part of Canada there will be a few days of jet lag.

Thinking back over the weeks I have been in Central Asia there are many remarkable things that have happened and that I experienced. But one I would like to share with you. It was last Saturday and the second service of three at a local church in Almaty pastured by a business man and business owner. In the midst of worship God’s tangible presence could be sensed and felt. It was so powerful worship stopped, the team member who was leading in the teaching time stopped teaching and just let the Spirit move. It was amazing and many years since I had experienced this manifest presence of the living God. As we sat in God’s presence I realized that’s the constant pain I have lived with 24/7 since late May was no longer there. So, I bent my knee and stood on my leg and foot to see if it was really healed and could be walked on without pain, And realized that The Lord had sovereignty healed me once again.

It has now been 5 days and the pain is definitely gone… I was healed as God’s Spirit moved through the worshipping assembly. Powerful. God is so good and I am so thankful.

Thanks for praying for this travel day and the 30 hours of travel… I look forward to being home and seeing my people on Sunday in Regina and Oxbow.

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  1. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Karen and Bruce. Thanks for the feedback and good to hear from you. First flight from Almaty, Kazakhstan tonIstanbul, Turkey is accomplished. 8.5 hours flying. Now on flight from Istanbul to Toronto (10.5 hours) and it actually has free wireless working. Then 5 hour wait and the 3 hour flight to Regina. It will be good to be home and good to be with everyone on Sunday at worship…
    Looking forward to seeing both of you.

  2. Louise Howe
    Louise Howe says:

    God is so wonderful . He answers our prayers. I am so happy to learn you are healed I can hardly see the keyboard for tears of joy!! I can hardly wait to see you in exactly 13 hours.
    Love you


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