Training, Equipping, and Mentoring – Russia #9

This is day three at The Presbyterian Spiritual Academy in the city of Moscow, Russia where pastors and future leaders for this Union of churches are trained, equipped, and mentored. We have been having tremendous meetings and it is exciting to be able to impact churches in many Russian-speaking nations both now and into the future by having this opportunity to speak to their pastors, leaders, students (future pastors), professors and teaching staff. God has open an excellent door of opportunity here for our small ministry with the potential for incresed ministry in the future. Already we are speaking about a return visit for another week to teach here in the school.

I am enjoying the interaction that I am having with the students here at the academy. Many are young men who are just starting out in life and in ministry and have given up much to be here to train for the ministry. Many come from nations where, when they return to plant churches, they will be persecuted for their faith – maybe even jailed. Some are more senior in age and entering full-time ministry as a second career due to the call of God on their lives. Most are recent converts who have immediately answered the call to ministry that is upon their lives. So, our day is full of wonderful conversations with terrific people and we often speak with them individually and in small groups into the late evening.

While here in the City of Moscow we are also taking what little spare time we have to connect with and visit with leaders that we have built relationships with in the past. These leaders have either travelled to where we were teaching and attended one of our many events over the last number of years or they have actually had us into their churches to minister. We build relationally here in this ministry and so visit with those we work for and work with as frequently as possible. There are four leaders here in the city we know and with whom we plan to have time to fellowship this week. One is a pastor of a church belonging to a network that has been opposing the work of true apostles in Eastern Europe, another is a pastor of a house church that meets in an apartment, another a house church pastor that meets in a house, and the fourth is a priest who is no longer pastoring.

Prayer request for today: The continuing ministry here at the academy (today and tomorrow) and for our fellowship with these four pastors for whom we have worked and continue to build relationships with. Your prayer support and your encouraging emails are greatly appreciated.

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