Toronto Church Plant September, 2018

We are ready to begin planting a local church in the Greater Toronto Area.

This project has been in our prayers for several years and in the planning stage for a year. We have done some ground work with a leader who is studying in North York.

This young man is someone that Ralph has known for a number of years having met him in Kazakhstan and worked with him there during his twice-a-year ministry trips. Then over the past two years Ralph has been building a relationship with him as he studied in university in Toronto.

Ralph is now ready to start regular trips to Toronto to plant a local church for students who are studying in Toronto and who have roots in Central Asia. He will be helping to train and encourage the leader who is in his third year in university as well as meeting with those the leader has been relating to – most of whom are not born again but are hungry to know more.

The plan is for Ralph to be in Toronto working approximately once a month for four days … and working with the group in-between visits via internet.