Time to Grow Up!

As a disciple of the Lord I believe that I need to be discipling others who are younger in the Lord than I am. I believe that this is my task as a believer and not just as a pastor or apostle. I believe every believer must – in fact, is commanded – to disciple others who are just beginning their walk with the Lord or, at least, are not as mature as you are. Every disciple needs to be discipling; every Paul needs a Timothy; every father needs a son in the Lord to disciple.

In the pictures attached to this blog is a young man called Daniel. He received a prophetic word at a public meeting in the city of Moscow in November of last year. He instantly rearranged his life to move forward in the Lord as a believer and in his calling as an apostle-in-training. He did some practical things like setting up an email account so he and I could communicate with one another. He did some spiritual things to kick-start his spiritual life and become more serious about the Lord. He is hungry and he is chasing after more – and relating to me to receive more. In fact, he even travels to where I am ministering to learn directly and personally from me.

Recently he found a way to get from the city of Moscow to the city of Novomoskovsk (a 3 hour drive) just to spend two days at a training seminar for the prophetic that I was holding in Power Source Church. He took notes on his tablet, he prayed, he practiced all the exercises we did, he attended the leaders meetings in the afternoon, and he came forward to prophesy publicly when given the opportunity. He is hungry to grow, move forward, mature and become a powerful (and young) apostle in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I also believe that every mature believer needs to find people to disciple them and mentor them in areas where they need to develop further… Three years ago I lost a long-term mentor because he went to be with the Lord. It took me a year but I found another who is actually a bit younger than I am but who is much more experienced and mature in his calling as an apostle. He has agreed to mentor me and I now see him three to four times a year at my expense. This means I fly, pay for hotels and meals, and spend time with him. I go prepared to ask questions (I always have a long list) and to listen. Not to argue, debate, or show him how much I know. I simply humbly sit with him and let him speak into my life and ministry … and throughout the time with him (averages five days each visit now) ask my questions when the time is right (usually as we are driving somewhere).

God wants each of us to be discipling someone younger in the faith and He wants each of us to seek out and find others who can disciple and mentor us. Both are necessary. We will be challenged to grow as those younger in the faith ask penetrating questions and you are forced to think through many things you have simply taken for granted so that you can answer the questions. And, as someone wiser and more mature in his walk with us helps us to mature we will also grow because of their challenge to us to become all that God wants us to be.

My question: Who are you mentoring – who have you sought out and invited to be your disciple?

My second question: Who have you sought out and asked to mentor you – even if it costs you time and money?

The answer to those two questions will determine how mature you will be as a disciple and how successful you will be in fulfilling your destiny in the Lord Jesus – His plans and purpose for your life.

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