Time To Grow Up

Paul, the apostle, wrote in 1 Corinthians 12:1 “that he would not have us be ignorant…” In context he is referring to the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit (verse 4-11) that come with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit so we can be a witness (Acts 1:8). However, in general, I am discovering how little most people know about the Christian faith, especially the supernatural aspects of the faith.

For example: I had a lady come up tp me at the end of a recent service and tell me that she had a demon that bothered her and she could not get rid of it. I asked if she was saved or born again and she said she was. I asked if she wanted this demon to bother her. Of course, she didn’t. I asked if there was any door that she had opened – unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness… and she could think of none. Then I asked if she thought the demon was stronger than God and she said she didn’t think so. At which point it dawned on her that with God nothing is impossible and that she didn’t need to put up with the oppression.

For example: There was a lady who could not “connect” with the local church that she was attending and did not feel welcomed or loved in this local church. As she spoke publicly through a microphone she did not look up, did not make eye contact with anyone, and looked like she needed a bath and a few minutes to comb her hair and take care of herself. She was blaming the local church… Yet, to look at her and her inability to make eye contact – not to mention the public humiliation of announcing her issues and inabilities – it did not seem apparent or evident to anyone that she was most likely demon possessed and definitely oppressed.

For example: People in ministry whom I am work with as I move from country to country and city to city who don’t know their Bible. I mean, literally don’t know the main characters of the Old and New Testament or any of the main stories of men and women whom God used mightily as recorded in the pages of Scripture. I am not talking about knowing principles and practices regarding ministry and the supernatural as set forth in the Bible. I am talking basic “David killed Goliath” stuff. These are people who are in ministry I am speaking about – not new believers who have just obtained a copy of the Bible.

For example: People are excited and rush to meetings when an “anointed “ man of God comes to minister. Now there is an opportunity to hear from God through a prophetic word. Yet, the Bible states that if a person is born again they can hear the voice of their God (John 10). So, why come and hope you will get a Word from the Lord from the prophet or apostle who is deemed to be special because “he can hear God.” We can all hear God otherwise it would be impossible to have a relationship with Him (see: Romans 6:23b and John 17:3). When someone who flows in the gifts more regularly than others comes and speaks into a person’s life it should simply be a confirmation of something that they have already heard for themselves in their time with the Lord. It should never be the first time they have heard a particular Word, plan, or purpose that God has for their life.

And on and on the examples could go. We are not a well informed Church today. We are not rooted and grounded in His Word and thus our foundations are faulty. And, all this in spite of there being more teachings available by radio, television, and the internet (as well as the printed page) than ever before in the history of the Church. What is missing is the daily discipline to sit and read as well as study God’s Word so as to be mature and discerning. As well, the fivefold ministry of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher need to rise up and begin to equip the saints and end this entertainment that goes on. When equipped and ministering they can then bring the Body of Christ, the Church, into full maturity.

It is time to grow up.


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