Time to Change What You Are Preaching

It is amazing what is being preached and proclaimed from the pulpit these days in North America – at least the ones I am aware of or in touch with on a regular basis. It is not greatly different in other nations where I either work (Ukraine) or have contacts. Afterall, they are all trying to be so much like their North American brothers and sisters in the Lord. They look at our prosperity, our buildings, our technology and the many other blessings that we enjoy and desire to see the same situation arise in their nations. However, often they absorb a great deal of the cultural side to the Christian message and lose the pure gospel – not to mention the joy of finding their own cultural expression of the good news of Jesus Christ. I believe the Holy Spirit is saddened by much that is preached in the pulpits and Bible studies of North America. And, I sense the beginning of a move of the Holy Spirit to clean up the content and the theology of much that is being declared as ‘inspired’ and ‘led by the Spirit’. I also sense a tremendous opposition to this clean-up from a number of camps.

We know the Devil would prefer that we continue to proclaim a man-made, man-pleasing gospel. He is opposed to seeing this change and adjustment take place obviously. The flesh will also fight against this move of the Spirit as our flesh does not like to be told about commitment, responsibility, accountability, servanthood and the role we must fulfill in God’s purposes and plans.

As well, many ordained ‘ministers of the Gospel’ will also be against this sweeping move being initiated by the Holy Spirit . It will require a great deal of change and adjustment for the clergy as they sort out traditions and cultural understanding from the real truth contained in the pure gospel. It will also require getting some backbone and speaking out against false teachings, the weird and the wacky, and  the misuse of God’s Word to back up ministries and lifestyles that are contrary to His Word. It will not be easy, it will be messy and, at times, unpleasant. But, it will be God at work cleaning up His House before judgment begins at the same House.

I believe the Lord is looking for a return to the basic message of the early Church. In the early apostolic days of the first Church it seems they had two parts to their basic message – the (physical) resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and the Kingdom of God established on the Earth. Seldom do we hear messages on either of these two subjects today. Listen to what is being preached and realize how much is man-pleasing and not God-honoring and how most of it is man-centered and deals with what is in it for us. We have much to change as we are far past the time when a simple adjustment would have sufficed.

For the Lord would say:

“I am looking for men and women who will declare My Word and not their opinion. I am looking for preachers and teachers who will lead My people into My Truth. I am looking for prophets who will declare the true and complete will of the Father and apostles who will lay strong foundations upon which the Church can be built. I am looking for those who will declare the Kingdom and the King and who will not please men but whose hearts are to please the Father. I am looking for those who place My Word before opinion, My Word before manifestations, and My written and revealed Word first before that which is derived from the interpretation of dreams, visions and visitations of all shapes and sizes. I am looking for those who will declare My Word and only My Word so then it will not return to Me void and will accomplish what I have sent it forth to do. And, I will confirm that Word with miracles, signs and wonders as I have always done.”

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