Thursday Night

Had coffee and then lunch with Newton and Sarah today. They pastor New Hope Christian Centre in Orrville, Ohio. It was a time of good fellowship and an opportunity to come to know them as this was the first time that we had met. It was a great time as Jamie and Ruth joined us as we met in their home and he is my host for these ten days. I will be preaching at Orrville on Sunday morning and then sharing fellowship with them afterwards over a meal. Your prayers for this service and time with leaders are greatly appreciated.

Tonight, as you read this, I am meeting with one of the brothers of the new leader. He is the drummer in the worship team and a great brother in The Lord. I am sure there will be things he will want to discuss and talk about as we continue the initial steps of transitioning this local church. However, I am simply looking forward to talking with him, getting to know him, and seeing what role he might be playing in the future of this church. Your prayers for this evening together would be greatly appreciated as well.

Tomorrow in the early morning in will be meeting with two men from the local Church of God – a denomination that does not believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. They asked for this time as they are desperate to see their church come alive and grow. Hopefully I will have opportunity to talk about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and supernatural evangelism. Again, your prayers are important. In the afternoon I will be meeting with two leadership couples. In the evening supper and a evening of discussion with another leadership couple. Prayers appreciated.

Much has been accomplished in a very short period of time and I am amazed at how God has orchestrated everything. His presence and His grace have been very evident in every meeting and I have ended every day amazed and awe struck at the way He is moving and touching lives.

Thanks for your interest and your prayers… Picture is of Newton and Sarah, pastors in Orrville, New Hope Christian Centre.

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