Three Big Lies

Henri Nouwen, a very famous and well-known Christian – comments on the three big lies that destroy people’s lives … I borrow the three main points from him but the comments are mine. 

1> I am what I have

We have bought into the consumer culture that is now world-wide thanks to the internet and on-line shopping. And this culture states in a loud voice that you are what you own. A bigger house, a better car, nicer clothes, more exotic holidays, and on the list goes. We find our identity in what we own and in the lifestyle that we are living. To continue this lie we find ourselves going into more and more debt. And then we are debt driven in all of our decisions and, as the Bible states, in bondage to the lender.

2> I am what I do

Many today, in every nation, are finding their identity and sense of worth and value in what they are doing for a living. If you ask most men how they are they will answer by telling you what they are doing. Their identity and sense of value and worth is found in their job or profession and not in their relationship with the Lord and with others. And, when they lose their job or retire from their job they really have little to no idea who they really are. 

3> I am what other people say about me

This is a real killer when it comes to a sense of self-identity and self-worth. You are responding to the demands and expectations of others – allowing their expectations to form and create a “you” that is not who God created you to be. This is especially true if you are co-dependant and need to be needed – finding your self-worth and identity in helping others and how that makes you feel. 

Peer pressure is a main element here in this third lie. And, of course, the media and how music and movies transform people as they try to fit into what they understand as the “norm” because others are being formed by the same media and movies and they want to fit in. 

Regretfully these three lies are very common in every generation and in every nation. 

The Bible states, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” (Romans 12:2) So, we, as believers, are to read and believe God’s Word and live life according to what we are reading in His Word. Then we will not believe the three big lies and will be free to discover the real “you” as we journey with Jesus and become more and more life Him. 

This journey will reveal to us what it means to be a “new creature in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:17) and to discover who this “new creature” really is. And, we are all unique as God has created each of us different than all others. This journey allows us to be formed and transformed into His Image. Then we will not fall for the three big lies that we are what we have, we are what we do, and we are what other people say about us. 

It is time to stand tall as believers and disciples of Jesus and to become who we really are – new creatures created in God’s image. Powerful, unique, and different than the world.