Thoughts On Life and Making It Count

How quickly things can change. One day we are doing really well, healthy and enjoying life. We are relating to our family, making a difference in the lives of those that we know, and are planning the months to come, the change of seasons, and some of the things we would like to accomplish in life. And, then realty can hit and change all of that.

I have reached the age where I realize hat I am on the down side of the hill. In my early seventies there are, at most, 15 very active years left and then a few slower ones near the end before heading into eternity and the home Jesus has prepared for me before my arrival. So, I am writing or creating a bucket list of the things I would like to do before dying. And, I chose the  word ‘dying’ on purpose as I think it is so wrong to refer to someone as ‘passing.’ Passed is what you do when you have gas. You pass gas. And, it is not a ‘bucket list’ as I don’t plan to ‘kick the bucket.’ I am planning on doing what all human beings do – die. 

So, I have a “Let’s have a terrific time” list. And, it includes many amazing activities I want to become involved in before I die. Many places and countries I want to visit and learn about. Many nations I want to preach in and share the Gospel of the Kingdom in as I plant churches. 

Of course, there are things I want to do that are simply fun – camping, paddle boarding, reading some of my favourite authors, skydiving, scuba diving, living on a deserted island in a warm climate for six months by myself, write several books, and on the list could go. Some of the “Let’s have a terrific time” lists are of a more personal nature but you get the idea.

Of course, we don’t know when we will die. Only the Lord knows that. The Psalmist states that God, our heavenly Father, has a certain number of days for each of us to live. And, if we are healthy and care for the health that He has given to us we can live three score years and ten, which means 70 years. Of course, I have been blessed with having passed that milestone and am still in great health ready to see another decade or two before slowing down. I am simply enjoying my life too much to just sit and veg as many my age do. I am not into inactivity and boredom. I want to be challenged, stretched, do new things, go new places and continue the journey with Jesus which I have now been on for 42 years, 8 months. 

Many people die before they die, if you get my drift. They stop living long before they stop breathing. It is a choice. And, I choose life. There is simply too much I want to do for the Lord and so many things I want to taste, try, and do personally that I am not ready to simply sit. I am trusting the Lord that He still has many things for me to experience. I am doing my best to stay healthy physically, relationally, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. And, to invest the last years of my life pushing back the darkness, preaching, the gospel, planting churches, training and mentoring young men, and generally having a good time – a blast – enjoying all of life while doing all of these things.