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Apologetics is the study of how to defend the faith in the world in which you live. It does not mean apologizing for what you believe. Never do that. In fact, speak boldly about what you believe as you have been empowered to do so by the Holy Spirit and commanded to do so by Jesus. whom you follow. The Book of Jude states that we are to “earnestly content for the faith once delivered to the saints.” (Jude 3b) In a world that is often attacking the faith we hold to we need to be able to defend it as well as know how to share it with those who have never heard the good news that Jesus saves.

In the Book of Judges (2:10) it speaks of a time when “another generation grew up who knew nether the LORD nor what He had done.” This is increasingly the situation today. Many of the younger generations were raised without being taught the Bible, so they don’t understand God’s love and grace as seen in and found only through Jesus Christ.

A local public high school in America reported that in a class of 25 students, not a single student knew Jesus was associated with Easter Sunday. This emphasizes the urgent need to develop systematic teaching and reasonable responses to the questions that inevitable arise from a generation unfamiliar with the Bible’s story.

Increasingly our culture portrays Christianity as a religion of hate, ignorance, and intolerance. Because people don’t know the Bible’s story (even many Christians), different stories have emerged, sometimes portraying Christians as hateful, Jesus as just one more teacher among the many world’s religions and the God of the Bible as a jealous, violent deity. God is attributed with indiscriminately ordering genocide on entire people groups, endorsing slavery and demanding crude blood sacrifices. Neo-atheists and others take bits of the Bible out of context or use verses in isolation to portray God and Christians in these ways – and the Internet accelerates the spread of this alternate narrative to an ever-widening audience. Ironically, many of these arguments against God and faith are themselves based on Bible verses, making them doubly confusing.

To counter these caricatures, we must be proactive, using apologetics to teach what the Bible really does and does not say, and what Christians actually believe and why. This means you and your church need to seriously focus on the “apostles doctrines” as mentioned in Acts 2:42 so that we actually know what it is we believe and why we believe it. The time of second-hand faith (I believe because the priest tells me this is what I am to believe) has ended. Each and every one of us is responsible to know the faith and be able and ready to give a reason for the hope that we have and to defend the faith that we believe.

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