Pentecost Sunday

Around the world today the Church will be celebrating PENTECOST SUNDAY. This is the annual remembrance of the coming of the Holy Spirit with power upon believers as recorded for us in the second chapter of the book of Acts in the Bible.

Jesus had told the disciples to stay in the city until their had received power from God. He told them that the reason for the power was to enable and empower them to be witnesses for Him locally, regionally, and worldwide. The first act of this new entity called the Church was to tell others of the life-change that knowing the resurrected Jesus had made. They stood and witnessed and 3,000 were brought into the Kingdom and bowed their knee to the King on the birthday of the Church. They had been empowered to witness and they did. The resurrected Jesus was with them just as He had promised He would be. The Church was born and was immediately a force to be reckoned with.

The Church of Jesus Christ – whenever and wherever it takes seriously the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the resulting power and gifts of the Spirit that are received to enable believers to witness to the night-and-day difference Jesus has made and continues to make in people’s lives – is still a force to be reckoned with today as is being seen and reported in many nations around the world today.

However, many churches and individual believers will celebrate PENTECOST SUNDAY today and it will simply be a memorial service; a time to remember what happened once, back then, that eventful day in the history of the Church. It was never meant to be such. No believer need settle for a powerless life.

The Holy Spirit still empowers believers today. The gifts of the Spirit, which are supernatural, still flow from believers today touching others who have yet to believe. Jesus was serious when he said that rivers of living, life-changing waters would flow from believers to non-believers. PENTECOST is still a daily event in the lives of many Spirit-baptized believers. It should be!

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  1. sheila carpenter
    sheila carpenter says:

    The power of the HOLY GHOST is absolutely essential. Today as a housekeeper at a local hotel, I encountered a man, his wife, their 5 children (she is pregnant with the 6th)…the two boys are autistic…the two boys were making the tormented sounds that are part of this condition…the one boy, Christopher, came to me and I stroked his head and prayed silently for them…the mother remarked that this was very unusual since they didn’t “warm up” to strangers…apart from HIM we can do nothing, but through CHRIST we can do all things. We in ourselves are as helpless as a grease spot, but HIS power is without limit. Please pray for these little ones and this family.


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