Third Day – Leadership School

(Korean businessman with businesses in Kazakhstan and living in New Jersey with offices in New York City. Opening doors for Ralph to come and work with second generation Korean young people so they can personally experience God)

Another team member is teaching and so I am writing this for posting on Wednesday morning. Normally I write them as close to the time of them being published as I can… By this time I know that I will be so busy on the last full day of ministry on this trip that there will no time left over the write a blog. So, squeezing in some writing time because I have heard the teaching that is on-going right now. Heard it many times. You see, on the last day not only is there a full day of ministry there are also planning meetings about future visits, packing everything up so I am ready for a 5:30a arrival at the airport leaving where I am staying at 4:30a. There are always so many last minute details it is amazing that a we actually accomplish them all…

It has been an amazing 7 days of ministry in Kazakhstan. Several new places have opened their doors to my ministry and this is always exciting. I have become reacquainted with some for whom I have ministered in the past. And, some I have yet to meet have spoken to the pastors I relate to that next time they would like to host this ministry. God is so good…

This has been one of the longest trips that this ministry has been involved in. Extra travel days to get here and to move between countries has caused the trip to be a bit longer but there have also been a number of extra ministry days as well. So, it has been good but the team is really tired and wanting to head home to our many nations. Head home and get a few days rest.

If you have been following this trip day-by-day and praying – thank you! If you would like to see more pictures – in a few days visit our main web site and you will find there a good chunk of the pictures that we taken during these trips overseas.

My next trip is a 6 day trip to Eastern Canada in early December. I am going to be sharing the Gospel, prophesying and healing the sick. Then in January I am in Ohio ministering for 13 days and then near the end of the month I have four days in Dallas, Texas. February I am home ministering in Saskatchewan as the trip to Russia did not come together on time. In March I am still planning to be involved in an international conference being held inTurkey, God willing. April I will be in the nation of Armenia as well as ministering in the cities of Tula and Moscow in Russia in 3 churches (almost nailed down the details).

Again, thanks for praying before the trips begin, during the trips, and afterwards for strength and wisdom… Much appreciated.

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