Think Global – Act Local

Everywhere in the world where I minister there is always numerous signs advertising Coke products and always a local store that sells the many products produced by this company. Recently in Turkey I could not find Coke Zero or Coke Light in the hotel where I was staying. However, just by walking across the street I found a number of stores selling Coke products in the long row of kiosks that dotted the side of the main road through town. In Kazakhstan, Coke products can be found on every street and at every street corner.

The reason for Coke being being so “available” is that they have consciously thought on a global basis – they have a global vision and a plan to actually be available in every nation of the world. But, it is more than a large business plan or a “day dream” that will never come about. The reason? They have trained their people that while thinking globally they are to act locally. They understand that the global vision of Coke being available to every person on the planet can only be achieved by each employee of the company acting on behalf of the company right where they are, right now.

There is a good lesson in here for the true Church of Jesus Christ. Not the franchise branding of the faith we see in denominational and the institutional church… we don’t need more MacChurch’s in the world. But the real Church that Jesus is building needs to be thinking globally and acting locally. Thinking globally because Jsus said, “MY house shall be a house of prayer for all the nations.” Acting locally because Jesus commanded that “we love our neighbour as we love ourselves.” And to do either or both we must be very focused and very intentional. Having a Christian witness in every nation and then on every street in very city will not just happen by accident. It was be something we, the disciples of Jesus, constantly think about, plan for, and act upon.

This is more than thinking about global missions once-in-a-while and making a donation to someone who is travelling overseas on a short-term mission trip or some mission fund within the institutional structure. This means every individual disciple of Jesus should be praying daily for various nations in the world and asking the Lord where He would have you go in His Name to speak to people about the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus does expect every true disciple to be praying daily for the nations and working in those nations so that the Christian faith is as available as Coke products are in every nation of the world.

So, I challenge you to begin to catch the vision. And then to study up on the 197 nations of the world (Google and Wikipedia) and begin to pray for those the Lord leads you to pray for. While doing so, ask Him which nation He wants you to go to and impact for Him and His Kingdom. Yes, you! If not you – then who?

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