They Stayed and Prayed

Jesus prophesied that there would be a Church and that He would be building it. He told His disciples not to move out and obey His last command to go into all the world and share the Gospel of the Kingdom seeing people rescued from hell and falling in love with God their Heavenly Father. He told them to stay where they were until they had received the power of God to do the work of God – the power to be His witnesses. So, they stayed and prayed until the Holy Spirit came upon them and they were enabled and empowered to be the witness Jesus wanted them to be and to do the work that He was calling them to do thus building the Church and expanding the Kingdom.

The power came on Pentecost and has remained with the Church ever since. God has not lifted the power. But, in most places the power sits dormant because believers don’t believe. Or, they believe and don’t do anything with what they have received … So they “sort of” believe. I mean, if you really
believed in something would you not be actively involved in it. Maybe they don’t even believe that Jesus is the only way into an eternity in Heaven. I mean, something is definitely wrong. We are settling for much less than what has been given to us and we are simply majoring in being safe, secure, and comfortable. In other words, we are self-deceived and happy being so. One day each and every one of us will be accountable before God for what we have done with the message of the Gospel and the power we were given to spread it from nation to nation.

God has called us to “be witnesses” which means, in my mind anyways, that we should be so passionate for Jesus and so dedicated and thus committed to His cause of seeking and saving the lost that we live differently. We have a different focus from those who do not know Him. We have different values than those who are not born again. Our lifestyle is based in our beliefs and not in our culture and society’s standards of behavior. We should be seen as different – not weird, not wacko, nor super spiritual or spooky … But marching to the beat of a different drummer and letting others know that their is a different way to live, a better way to live … which is the only way into Heaven.

When people look at the way you live – how you entertain yourself, your attitude, your actions, where and how you spend your money, your support for the Kingdom and the cause of Christ, your basic lifestyle … Do they see your faith and your God or do they just see another person living the way they live? Have you ever thought about what it means to “be a witness” versus doing witnessing? It’s all about the total package that you present to the world. Does your talk and walk line up? If they read your Facebook page would they hear your passion for Jesus? If they could see what you watch nightly on television would your list of what you watch be any different than their list? Are you living out your beliefs and being the witness Jesus called us and empowered us to be? Or, are we simply “being” like everyone else?

Oh, I believe that it is about more than “being a witness.” We also need to share Jesus with others by our words and actions. I believe we are called to go and witness – more than “be” – “do.” We need to personally share the Gospel of the Kingdom with those we know and those we love. Our family, our friends, our co-workers need to hear about Jesus and His offer of eternal life – a relationship with God here and now and forever (John 17:3). We need to share daily with others because we honestly do believe, deep down inside, that Jesus is the only way into Heaven and an eternity with God.

But doing always starts with being. Being aware of and living in God’s presence. Being empowered and using that supernatural power to touch lives for Jesus. Being so concerned for the eternal destiny of those around us that we step out, risking our reputation and being unconcerned about what others think about us as we humbly share Jesus and the Gospel with them.

You see, if we are true converts to the faith and are actually born again we have the Holy spirit living within us. We also have the power of God flowing through us because we are baptized in the Holy Spirit and the power came upon us and has remained upon us ever since. We have all it takes to “be” a witness and to “do” witnessing. So, if that is true, and it is, why is it not happening? Too inconvenient? Too much trouble? Too controversial? Too narrow-minded? Too frightening? Too _____________ (you fill it in). I mean, there has to be a reason! Maybe we don’t really believe what we say we believe.

Maybe it would be good to take a deep look into your heart and see where you really stand with The Lord. It may be beneficial to read the New Testament and ask The Lord to help you see it with fresh eyes so that you have new insights into the truths contained in those pages. Maybe it would be good to see what The Lord really does expect of those who call Him Lord and Savior – you know, make a list – and see how you are doing. No need to share the results of your survey and your questioning. Just between you and Jesus. But, be really honest with yourself because your eternal destiny may depend on how seriously you take this little journey into the heart of God.

Remember, it was Jesus who said, “Not everyone who says Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but He that does the will of My father who is in heaven.” Are you doing God’s will or simply making excuses and being a cultural Christian and not the real deal?

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  1. sheila carpenter
    sheila carpenter says:

    This is the season where the wheat and tares are being separated for all the world to see. Pastor Cho and his son in Korea, just sentenced to 3 years prison plus hefty fines in the millions for embezzlement of church funds. More to follow. GOD will have a pure and holy church and KING JESUS is once again kicking over the tables of the money changers and driving them from HIS house with a whip. When we think we stand we must take heed that we will not fall.


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