They Come to Your Door – So Witness to Them

In our world today there are many natural opportunities to reach out to those who have yet to hear about Jesus. One such opportunity is just 34 days away.

Halloween is on the 31st of October and is a wonderful opportunity for you to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with neighbours and friends.

First – Study up on where the “feast of Halloween” came from in the first place – it’s pagan roots. To help you do this we can supply you with a free CD on Halloween from a teaching I did two or three years ago on the celebration of Halloween. (send us an email at and on the subject line just write one word “halloween”. Remember to give us your snail mail address)

Second – Make sure you know how to present the gospel, the good news that Jesus saves, in a simple yet accurate manner so that if an opportunity should present itself you can share it in a way that others will understand you and the gospel.

Third – Avail yourself of material that you can pass out along with your regular goodies that will also share the gospel with the children who come to your door. We will be supplying these the two Sundays before Halloween night. Make sure your cell phone number is on the material so people can contact you if they should want to.

Forth – Start praying now for those who will be coming to your door. Pray that God will work in them to soften their hearts so that they – and their parents – will be open to hearing and reading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation – so pray that the message will penetrate and convict so that they will experience an encounter with God and His love for them.

Fifth – mark your calendar to listen to The Point radio show on the 26th of October (6:30 p.m. at as I will be discussing Halloween on that specific show.

Peter stated (1 Peter 2:9) that we must be always ready to tell others why we live with such hope and what has caused this night-and-day difference in our lives. So, sixth – it might also be good to be praying for ourselves as we prepare for this wonderful opportunity when people come to you and to your door thus giving you opportunity (brief though it may be) to influence them for all eternity.

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  1. Bev Wensel
    Bev Wensel says:

    I so-o-o agree with using halloween & ALL our seasons as a grt way to reach out & esp so with *really good/arty* tracts.{Note:I said really good ones…like any good advertising, we need to use high quality material + current themes as away to GRAB their attention}
    The Canadian tract society redestributed ones from the states & I’ve 3 on hand for Halloween{for really young children} but there is a ton of great stuff out there…Billy graham has done several & I really like one I have from the late Dr.DJames Kennedy, “How to KNOW for Sure, YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN”
    The American Tract Society has some of THEE best art work on their tracts… I love one done by a doctor & has a VERY colorful medical heart beat + the title “How’s Your Heart?” …
    and there’s one done by David Bruce from Hollywood with the movie War of the Worlds…note each man staying in his field, & using their themes to reach people for Christ
    …and for fellow dog lovers, I’ve one with a pic of 4Sharpee’s{the dogs that are Full of wrinkles}”Have They Quit Eating”, dealing with being put off by the gospel by someone, “Perhaps their method left a bad taste in your mouth…the truth is you still have spiritual needs as real as the body’s need for food”…& I love there points#1God loves you, #2 {is the winner,ha} You are in trouble…etc.
    So, let’s not re-invent the wheel, but use what God’s provided thru these arty people/min!

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Bev,

    Great leads for more tracts. Here in my local church we use many different tracts – but the best ones we have seen come from They are well done, very colorful and always on the money message-wise.

    We have found it good if there are two in the home being visited that one go out on the sidewalk and talk to the parents that often accompany the young ones these days. The other can talk with the children at the door. This way you cover all the bases.

    Thanks for the lead on some sources for good tracts.


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