There was a Generation

I sat in my office and wondered what I was going to do? Here I was an ordained minister, called to the ministry at a young age, and here I sat, disappointed in ministry. There was no pizazz, no excitement, no God. It was routines, committee meetings, hurt feelings, funerals, weddings, and religious maintenance. I felt that a call of God was that; something that would change the world, get me into a Book of Acts lifestyle. But no, it was extreme tedium. I sat there and told God that if this was all there was; I want out.

True to His call, there was more, but it was going to come at a price. I began to pursue outside the circles of my denomination. I looked for life where it could be found. It was starting, there were things going on, I had to plug in, search, explore. In every move of God there is the genuine, authentic, and there is the wild and strange as the enemy tries to confuse and shut down the move of God.
I found life. Paid a price for it. Pretty much thrown out of my denomination, moving across the country, working and ministering to support the family, an outcast from former friends, all were the price to be paid. However, the reward of knowing God, being filled with His Holy Spirit, and launching into new territory where there was life was worth it.

We planted churches and 100’s of people were filled with the Spirit. Now, years later, these churches, people have enjoyed the Holy Spirit and truth, but an alarming trend is evident. The generation that grew up in these cutting edge churches and heard the anointed worship and saw the power of God is now without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am shocked at the lack of young people seeking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I am shocked that parents and leaders have not brought their children, grandchildren, and churches into the power of the Holy Spirit. I visit churches where the predominance of young people have not been taught, encouraged, or challenged with the power of God.

This move is doomed if we do not rise up and teach, preach, exhort the next generation to the things of the Spirit. Oh, God will do it somewhere else and with other people, but wake up!!!! We have young people who need to hear and will respond, but shame on the leadership that assumes they will come without the preaching and teaching and exhortation to pursue God. He told us to ask, knock, seek.

Guest Blogger – Bill Lewis of ATM and ATMi – apostolic networks in the United States touching the world with the born again, Spirit-filled Gospel of Jesus Christ

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