The Youth and Universalism

Yesterday I was mentioning the shift in worldviews that we, as believers today, need to be very aware of when speaking to the younger generations about the Lord and His Gospel – the power of God unto salvation.

Today … let’s look at the youth of today and their sincere (although sincerely wrong) belief in universalism. Statistics prove it – today’s youth – the Millennials – born after 1980 – embrace universalism.

The reason – the church is in a state of crisis and the signal we are sending and what we are saying sounds both broken and blurry. It is as if the youth have changed from analog television to digital receivers and the church is still broadcasting in analog. This became apparent to me as the United States of America just went through the adjustment with their television signals … where all older televisions needed to be equipped with a box to be able to receive a digital signal as all television broadcasters have now stopped broadcasting in analog.

So, our problem is partly (and only partly) that we are sending out an analog signal and no one has rabbit ears to pick the signal up as they have – like the television signals – adopted to the digital age… and one of the places or beliefs that the signals they are receiving from the world’s philosophies and idealologies point them directly to universalism!

We need to become HD (high definition) believers – churches – leaders…

1> We need to present a crystal-clear picture of the gospel: a loving God who repudiates sin while loving the sinner.

2> We need to create and maintain a direct interaction with the culture, sending out a righteous transmission of God, family, marriage, morality, righteousness and justice … not just engaging culture but transforming it.

3> HD Christianity requires programs, systems, institutions and communities that can all facilitate clear and viable transmission of the gospel via multiple screens. – social, physical, intellectual, communal – touching the needs of the people.

I work with young people here in this nation and in other nations. I think I relate well to them and understand their hearts and heads … their hopes, aspirations, fears and pressures. I enjoy being with them as, for me, it is refreshing and invigorating. And, I see a real hunger in the young adults of today – a hunger for substance, signifigance, purpose, and for spiritual things.

They are not looking to the Church for any of this and we should not blame them. Because most of this cannot be found in the Church that we see today. We are sending all the wrong signals … and even when we send the right signals we are sending them in ways that they are unable (or, at least, unwilling) to accept. Time for some major changes if we hope to ever win this current “listening audience” to the Lord.

The message we share never changes but the methods we use to share it are not sacred and thus must adjust to the culture, times and seasons we find ourselves in. If we hope to impact the current youth and young people today we need to start broadcasting in high definition.

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  1. naomi
    naomi says:

    That is a really neat idea but, with all of the negative views of churches and christians whether born into it or “born again” into it, I find it difficult to see how we can change their views of church, when I talk to twenty-somethings they are willing to listen about Jesus but can’t seperate Him from church. So they see corrupt church and therefore a corrupt Jesus. I would love to become high definition but, I am not sure how to get youth to seperate Jesus from the wrong types of church.


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