The Word Becomes Flesh

I have been doing a study of the key people of Christmas – Mary, Joseph, Anna, Simeon, The Wise Men, the Shepherds, Herod, and, of course, Jesus. I thought I was working on and developing the Christmas sermon series for 2009. Not so it seems.

Turns out it is just a study the Holy Spirit has me doing for my own spiritual development. That too is good. In fact, better, because then I know that the Lord is wanting to show me something that will change my life and help me to understand Him, His plans and His purposes for my life better.

It has been a “slow go” as there are always so many other things to occupy my time – as is true with you as well. Even more so during this season when we celebrate the birth of the Savior.

But I know that God’s Word is the primary way in which the Holy Spirit brings change into my life and that this change always begins with adjusting the way I think about Him and the world in which I live. And, that I need to think more in line with God’s Word for the change to take hold and be permanent. So, I have been nibbling at this study every opportunity I have.

My notes and the Bible passages are on my Blackberry phone. They are bookmarked on my laptop which is almost always with me and often plugged in and sitting on a portable desk in my vehicle … the notes are on my e-book reader … because five minutes here and ten there soon add up to hours in His Word and much change in my heart. And, this is always good.

So, as you rush around in this Christmas season – remember to keep a Bible close by and spend some time every day in this supernatural book and the Word will become flesh – your flesh (life) will be slowly changed for the better.

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