The Week After Next – Russia

[To get a fuller picture of this mission trip you might like to read yesterday’s blog]

We (my interpreter / administrator and myself) fly from Moscow to the city of Mineralnye Vody in Georgia (part of Russia – or a break away province and separate nation depending on who you speak to). They call this the Caucasus …

We arrive on the 8th of October and tour our first location. It is Piatigotsk city and they have a neat tourist attraction called the “Honey Waterfalls” and so I am going to be tourist for the first few hours as we get to know the new area and the hosts of the upcoming week of events and ministry.

On the 9th and 10th I will be in Essentuky city at the “Christ Savior’s Love” Church where we begin a school for approximately 40 leaders. The “school” is let out for the Sunday – no classes or sessions – and I will be in Kislovodsk city at “The Love of Christ” Church where I will be ministering on the topic: “The Church” and, of course, ministering prophetically.

Then back to Essentuky city for the remaining two days of the school – October 12 and 13th. On the 14th we will share fellowship with the local leaders and tour the foothills of the Elbrus mountain range.

Then early on the 15th we fly back to Moscow and, switching flights, heading back to Canada after a few hours to debrief and plan some future ministry.

Now, one thing to remember, is that these plans can change quickly and nothing is set in cement … not even quicksand. It is all very fluid and one must be very flexible. There is an old YWAM proverb: “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken.” I am very flexible.

Events get planned on the spur of the moment. Some other pastor hears about us and the ministry and wants to meet with us to discuss possibly coming to their area of the country or world on a future trip. People need to be prayed for – healing is needed. A local church is having some problems and they would like some prophetic insight from the apostle / prophetic man… There is always so much to do and so much that needs to be done.

So, although each trip gets well planned and, in my own mind there is too much “free time,” it never works out that we have much if any free time as something always fills the time frames… and sometimes the spontaneous is more fun or more beneficial than what we have planned to accomplish. God is the God of the suddendlies and suddenly we find ourselves in a different place with something to do or someone to see that we had not planned – and it is simply not a coincidence – it is a God-thing every time!

So, please, if the Holy Spirit leads you – pray for these two weeks of ministry and travel … that God would be glorified in all that we do and that many of His people (and many unsaved) will be ministered to powerfully by the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit – especially prophecy. Thanks.

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