The Wedding

A Saturday afternoon and I just finished an outdoor wedding. The culmination of many months of planning by the bride and groom and a number of meetings that I have held with them going over the plans, the service, their relationship, the future. The wedding rehearsal last night took an hour -the wedding took 30 minutes and it was over. The reception after the pictures (I am at a coffee shop writing while I wait for the reception to start -2 hours to myself) will take several hours and then the bar and the dance…. The wedding party was already drinking before the wedding even started. 

Life returns to normal in a day or two for the bride and groom. Everyone will go home and things return to the way they were. They were already living together for years (normal for their generation) and so normalcy will return and things will appear as they have always been. But they will be definitely different. 

You see – God is now involved. Oh, they are not spiritually inclined and we have not taken a lot of time to talk about the spiritual side of their relationship and the need to be born again. The planning times included a few comments about Heaven and general references to not being religious – all initiated by them, not me.

But, God is involved because they chose to make a commitment before God and become a married couple. It was not a justice of the peace or marriage commissioner who did the ceremony – but a preacher of the Gospel. And so, God is now in this marriage entered into in His name and in His presence.

During the wedding ceremony – as short as it was – I talked about the spiritual side of marriage briefly in my “Pastor’s Talk” and the need to have a relationship with God. The married couples were listening and some spoke to me afterwards thanking me and saying how true my words were. The young people? It rolled off them like water off of a duck’s back. But I will return. I will be meeting with the bride and groom many more times as I help them come to know the Lord and what He has done for them when He died on the cross. And, I made some contacts with other young people whom I will also follow up.

Times like is show me clearly why the Lord said that the “harvest is white and ready to be taken – pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest that He would send laborers into that harvest.” How true -we absolutely need more disciples willing to follow Him and become fishers of men. So many who are living shallow lives and kiving for the moment giving no thought to eternity and life after life ends…

I did have a good conversation with a married couple in their 40’s who have had a rough year. They wanted to say thanks for wise words I spoke but really needed to talk about open heart surgery at 40 years old, father dying, and on and on – all in one year. They needed to know God sees, God cares, and He does know what He is doing. Good conversation. Interesting how a brush with death and the death of a loved one can open your heart to eternal matters.

Well, I will be interested to see what the supper brings and if I will have an open door to share the Gospel with the people at my table…. 

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