The Way Up Is Down

Jesus taught His followers that His Kingdom was different than what they could see working in the domain of darkness. That the Kingdom worked by principles that were different than the ones used to function in the world. That the Kingdom He rules functions opposite to the way that the world His followers know did. The way “up” is “down.”

I like the way that Leonard Sweet put it…

“The Lifted Up One, the One who sits high and walks low … (taught us that)….
The way up is down
The way in is out
The way first is last
The way of success is service
The way of attainment is relinquishment
The way of strength is weakness
The way of security is vulnerability
The way of protection is forgiveness (even seventy times seven)
The way of life is the way of death – death to self, society, family
Know your strengths. Why? Because that’s the only way you can lay them down
God’s power is made perfect …where? In our weakness
Want to get the most? Go to where the least is
Want to be free? Give complete control to God
Want to become great? Become least
Want to discover yourself? Forget your self…
Want to ‘get even’ with enemies? Bless and love them…”
(Leonard Sweet in “Jesus Drives Me Crazy” – page 16)

Too often, when looking at the way that believers live and work non-believers cannot see much, if any, difference between their own lifestyle and that of those who confess Jesus as Lord. This should not be the case. The way of life for believers and followers of Jesus should be so radically different than the way others live that the difference is not only seen but tasted. Jesus said, “taste and see…” and when the world does this they often don’t “taste” or “see” anything different in the life of a lot of their friends and co-workers whom call themself followers of The Way!

Today may be a good day to spend a few minutes taking a closer look at the way we live as believers and followers of Jesus and see if others could notice differences in the way that you live compared to the thoughts, words and deeds of those who are non-believers in He who said that “The Way Up Is Down.”

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