The Very Gateway to Heaven

In the book of Genesis Jacob has a dream… In this dream he has an encounter with God Himself in which God makes a remarkable promise to him. Upon waking up, Jacob was understandably excited. He cried out, “‘Surely The Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!’ But he was afraid and said, ‘What an awesome place this is! It is none other than the house of God, the very gateway to Heaven!'” (Genesis 28:16-17 NLT).

The phrase that really spoke to me was “the gateway to Heaven.” What Jacob described in his excitement that morning is exactly what my heart’s desire is for this ministry that I have. I want each service and each meeting that I am involved in to be a place where, like Jacob, people experience the love, the power, and the peace of God. I want the services and meetings to be a place where people would feel His presence the moment they walked in the door. I want people, born again and unsaved, to be able to declare, “Surely The Lord is in this place.”

As someone who loves to evangelize and see people come to know the Lord Jesus Christ – today’s real and only door or ‘gateway.’ I want desperately to have each service I am involved in be a supernatural connecting point – a gateway – that brings people closer to the Way and the Gate, Jesus Christ. If they are already saved I want the service to be a place where they are drawn closer to the tangible presence of the Lord and where they will experience the power of the Spirit, encountering the supernatural peace of God that passes all reasonable understanding. If they are not yet children of the Living God I want each service and each meeting to be a place where they encounter the power, presence, and peace of God as found in and through the Lord Jesus. I want His presence to be so tangible and real that they will know they are encountering the Living God and that they will then enter through the Door and kneel at the foot of the cross and become believers.

Several years ago the Lord prophetically promised that this ministry would see the power of God in a fresh and new (and powerful) way. That the power of God would go before this ministry and prepare hearts and minds; that the power of God would be visible and evident when ministering; and that the power would be “deposited” in such a way as to continue working supernaturally in people’s lives even after I left to go to the next place of ministry. I believe 2013 will see the release and fulfillment of that Word of the Lord.

Just 6 months ago while in Ohio a prophetic voice came up to me during the service and declared God’s will over my life and again spoke of power and fire (I have recently typed that word out in full and posted it on line – one of four I received in 2012) that will be a notable feature of this ministry as I move forward in His will and continue to teach and prophesy in the nations. I sense in my spirit that 2013 is the time for the fulfillment of these words… and that God’s presence, power, and peace will be so real and tangible that people will know that “Surely God is in this place” and will encounter the living Jesus Christ in fresh and new ways at each and every service. He is, of course, the living Gateway to Heaven today.

I am believing for a fresh anointing, an increased flow of His power, and more of the real supernatural – miracles, signs, and wonders – as we see many more come to know the Lord, people set free, and believers encouraged, trained, and equipped. Please stand with me in faith and thank God for what He has promised and what He is about to release. I am excited.

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  1. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    I too want to see this come to pass “immediately” and I am no longer patiently waiting for it… I am pursuing it, praying for it, and becoming more and more passionate about it.

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    My sermons are posted on-line each Monday … audio, text copy of the sermon, and printouts to fill in blanks should you desire to do so. I will ask Elizabeth, my administrator, to send you directions as to where to find them on the sight.


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