The Unsung Heros

There are always numberous unsung heros who make a trip to a foreign nation possible and without whom nothing would or could happen. Pictured to the side is one such hero – Miroslav. He is my interpreter on my many trips into the former Soviet Union without whom I would be unable to minister or even communicate with most of those in attendance and those that we meet with. A few speak some English but an interpreter is an absolute necessity for someone such as myself who has yet to master a working knowledge of the Russian language although I am slowly working at it. Miroslav ends up being my shadow day and night, every day. The only time I am without him is when the day is done and we are having our devotional times and then sleep…

Not only is he interpreting but he has also begun to teach. This allows me to have a break from teaching as he covered several teaching sections during one of the weeks which allowed me time to do some preparation for opportunities to speak that were popping up – Maundy Thursday of Holy Week service, the university lecture, and other new and unplanned opportunities to share the Word of the Lord. This also helps his gifts and callings to develop as he begins to work as an apostle in the Kingdom of God more and more.

On this recent trip to Belarus there were several others who worked really hard to allow the two weeks to be such a powerful blessing – Elena (Miroslav’s wife) who translated for me on numberous occasions – both when in the pulpit and one-on-one as I ministered to or met with various individuals. She was with us for almost a whole week and a real blessing to the ministry – including teaching a whole segment on one day while I was away (with Miroslav) at the university teaching a class and meeting with various professors.

As well, a young man from Kiev who hosts us when we are in that city on our way home to Canada (we take over his apartment, eat, share fellowship, have some sleep before leaving for the airport at 2:00 a.m. and most importantly use his shower to clean up before spending two days in airports and planes…). Oleg took a week off work and joined us, working with us on our prophetic ministry team as well as interpreting several teachings for me so Miroslav and Elena could have some time to simply sit. He understands and translates English very, very well … he speaks it with less certainty but is improving the more he has opportunity to use English while with us.

Then there are those who prepared meals … Those who cleaned the building every day … those who led worship three times a day … those who made sure the speaker had an ample supply of cold Diet Coke … those who work hard to find us a way to connect to the internet through our own computers (changes in each nation) … the sound man … those who trouble shoot “difficult people” so we don’t have to … those that make sure that the ministry stops when the service is over and help us to work our way through the crowd so that we do not have to prophesy again and again… so many people to thank and without whom trips like this recent one to the nation of Belarus would simply not be possible.

Thank you to all the many, many unsung heros.

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