The Unexpected Adventure

Bored with your Christian faith? Lacking a sense of urgency and no longer a serious priority in your life? Devotional time with the Lord in a slump and no longer dynamic and something you look forward to every morning? Bible reading lacking zeal and no longer fulfilling and no longer feeding a need within you? Maybe you are not feeling spiritually hungry or thirsty and so are not even desiring to read your Bible. Are you at the place where sleeping in on a Sunday morning is often more exciting than attending the assembly of worship and worshipping the living God with others?

No, you are not having a crisis of faith! You are simply missing one of the keys to having a dynamic relationship with the Lord … one of the foundations upon which a dynamic walk with Jesus is built … one of the keys to the Christian faith being an adventure – at times, an unexpected adventure…even a daily adventure. What is it that you are missing? Telling others about Jesus!

Yup…that’s what is missing. You are all intake and no output. You are like the Dead Sea that is located in modern day Israel which receives fresh water in the north from the Jordan River but has no outlet to allow water to flow from it. So, the life-giving water that flows in becomes stagnant and void of all life just like the body that it flows into. So, the principle is “life in – life out”. If you have life-giving forces coming in … worship, Bible reading, prayer, devotional time … but have no outlet for this life – evangelism – then you will find the Christian faith restrictive, boring, and uninviting.

So, I have the answer for your problems! Yes, I most certainly do. The answer is a question…. and this is the question and it is for you – just you. What is stopping you from telling others about the night and day difference that Jesus has made in your life?

No night and day difference – simple – repent with godly sorrow and get saved or born again. Anyone who has truly been born again and had an encounter with the living God experiences change – immediate and on-going.

You have experienced a night and day difference and simply don’t tell anyone. Repent. Yes, repent and tell the Lord you have sinned and want His forgiveness. What is your sin? Rebellion and disobedience. Reaching the lost and telling others about Jesus is not an option – it is a command. Then, having been forgiven … ask the Lord to let you know how much He loves you and begin to truly love Him in return. Remember we love Him because He first loved us. And, now walk in that love and tell others about Him. See, Jesus said: “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” So, your rebellion and disobedience is rooted in the lack of a true experience of His love and thus the lack of a deep love relationship with Him.

If you are simply afraid and wonder if you would ever be bold enough to open your mouth and tell someone else. Pray for boldness and hang on … once when His followers prayed for boldness the building they were located in literally shook like it was in an actual earthquake – but instead it was in a God-quake.

I could go on and on – there is never a valid reason for not telling others about Jesus and what He has and is doing in your life. So, why not ask the Lord to forgive you, give you more love for Him along with a good dose of supernatural boldness and begin the adventure of a life-time. It is an unscripted adventure that is full of daily surprises and brings great excitement into your life moment-by-moment. This adventure allows you to live expectant of seeing God’s power show up and touch a life at any moment which, of course, leaves you excited as you anticipate an invasion of the Holy Spirit as you share.

You see – personal evangelism is the answer to your stagnant faith and your boredom with Christianity. Telling others about Jesus – personal evangelism – is an adventure that gives excitement, fulfillment, and ultimate purpose to a life of faith. By saying yes to telling others about Jesus you enter immediately into an unexpected adventure each and every day … and on a good day two or three unexpected adventures as the Lord suddenly invades your space and the conversation and you find yourself telling others about the life-changing message of the Gospel.

I know this to be true because it was something I learned 33 years ago when I was first born again. And, during certain periods of my life over those years, I have settled for less than a dynamic adventure because I allowed my priorities to become all mixed up. Telling others about Jesus was, for one or more reasons, no longer a daily thing I looked forward to and prayed about. But each time I returned and did what I suggested above … repented and prayed and God forgave and I got back on track walking out this unexpected daily encounter when God suddenly invades – in unexpected ways and when I least expect Him to. You see, I simply never know when it is going to happen … just that it will. Count on it.

So, now I am intentional about the unexpected adventure of talking with others about Jesus. I quickly learned that living on this evangelistic edge amplifies every detail of the Christin life:

My Bible study becomes much more intense as I read to gain fresh insights and wisdom to reach others

My prayer life becomes even more focused as I talk to God about the lost and dying – especially my loved ones and my part in bringing them to faith in Christ

My worship becomes increasingly heartfelt because I realize how much God loves people including my friends who are still lost in sin.

My dependence upon God reaches new heights because I know that apart from the Holy Spirit nothing will happen as I venture into the world and share Jesus with others.

This is the missing ingredient in so many Christian lives. Those Christians living out the unexpected adventure found only when you evangelize are the ones who are enjoying the most fulfilling relationships with God. And, it’s free to all who want it and will walk in it. Wow!

Can I invite you to come along with me and enjoy the daily unexpected adventures that being a soul winner always brings – and, by the way, your Christian faith will no longer need to be on life-support as new life will flow into it and, oh yes, out of you into others.

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  1. Bruce
    Bruce says:


    Totally Awesome and totally simple but sometimes very hard. But once done the joy released by the Holy Spirit makes the next time easier.


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