The Trip Is Half Over

Last night was amazing. I ended up being invited to a Four Square Gospel Church filled with Armenians and we had a great time with The Lord. The worship was good and the people were hungry for whatever The Lord had for them. The service started at 7:00p and due to a very long day I asked permission to end at 10:00p Up to last night every evening event has been 5 hours plus in length.

During the day yesterday I visited some seniors who are part of the prayer base for this work here in Glendale. This after a morning working with one of the youth leaders who had been prophesied over the night before. Then we drove through Los Angeles and saw Venus Beach having an opportunity to just walk and talk with the pastor personally for an hour. Then drove back to Glendale through the evening rush hour commute. Not sure why it is called a “rush hour” as we never got out of second gear. The trip allowed me to grab hold of a bigger context, ask lots of questions with just the pastor there, and sort through some of what I have been sensing since arriving. It was a very full day. Much talking and listening.

Today is unfolding differently than planned. I am writing this sitting outside drinking coffee on a patio with the sun up and it is going to be warm – but there is a cool breeze blowing still. The pastor is off working with some camera people getting things ready for the weekend. Then breakfast, another visit with an influential member of The Revival Rains Church, then some quiet time (or so I am told) and an evening back at the Four Square Church meeting with their young couples group. Another full day.

Still to come:
An interview on Friday with a 24/7 Christian cable television station which is owned by an Armenia. To be broadcast later I believe… also chatting about broadcasting my teachings on a regular basis – might mean buying a good video camera
Friday night – the start of a weekend conference on the prophetic running Friday night and all day Saturday – so much interest they are issuing tickets to who will be able to come
Sunday was to be one service at Revival Rains – and now we have added a service at the Four Square Church as well.
Monday… travel

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Pray especially for the many, many young people who are attending these churches and events… they are deeply, deeply committed and hungry for more of God.

Picture: Prayer couple at lunch in their apartment

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