The Trip Is Coming to an End

It is Friday and the School for Apostles and Prophets (first edition – first week) is fast coming to a close. A team member is teaching this morning and so I am sitting at the back working on reviewing my notes for this afternoon as I teach from 2:00 to 5:30 and need to refresh my mind and heart before teaching these truths to this great group of people. We are all becoming tired but the atmosphere is still good and God is still moving.

Late last night we had people practice prophesy over a picture of a man. The man is not here and those who did the ministry did not know him. They were wonderful. I ended the prophetic time with a prayer – guided by God. I actually had a prophetic word and God said pray the word and don’t just proclaim the prophecy … thank Me for what I am doing in His life. So I did. Powerful!

This morning the former wife of this man (and mother of three of his children) stood and spoke about the “exercise” and ministry as she had supplied me with the picture. She thanked everyone who prophesied and told us how everyone’s words fit into the situation and circumstances. Good feedback of a powerful ministry time.

Of course, now several young men want me to prophesy over pictures of their fiancés and girlfriends. Amazing!

Tonight, as far as I know, there are no meetings scheduled with pastors to speak of future ministry opportunities, their problems in their churches or the issues and opposition we are facing. It will be good to head back to where we are staying earlier than we have the last few nights (it has been well after 11:00 every night this week). However, it won’t mean we can just relax – as we have many events and opportunities to schedule and so we will need to have a staff meeting and walk through the offers, the travel routes, the topics, and so on. It really is tough work as you want to fulfill their request as quickly as possible but sometimes that is 12+ months ahead of the current date. Hard to imagine but that is the case in almost all situations unless we can tag a visit on to another one already planned.

It has been a good week – difficult because we have both seasoned ministry people and young men and women who have not yet begun to minister. So, some times, our material is too basic for some and yet right on for others or over the head of some and hitting the nail on the head with the others. We are going to have to divide the group into two during our next week of teaching and teach the topics at two different levels.

The School was a good idea. Due to the trouble we are facing with one Union who is opposing us about 20 of our team were not given permission to attend by their pastors who have had to submit to the orders of their authorities. Sad, but true! A fact of life right now in this ministry. So, we had a very excellent number for our first week of running a School for apostles and prophets but it would have been bigger had we not been facing severe, unprecedented, vicious actions on the part of one leader of a Union. I wrote this leader’s higher authority this morning before the School began in the hope that some light might be shed on what is really happening and the people who are being wounded unnecessarily by this action. I am not expecting an answer as silence is the norm when writing these people.

Between teaching sessions there has been tremendous fellowship as people from five nations come to know each other. They all speak Russian and so there are no barriers to communicating. After all meals and during all coffee breaks I end up talking with young men who are wanting to chat, ask my advice, deal with issues in their lives, seek insight into a decision they need to make or simply come to know each other better. So, I am often out walking for a few minutes with them to enable us to have some privacy to chat. We can also go outside and stand in the beautiful flower gardens surrounding the church building on the campus here to talk privately. So, the days are busy from start to stop and I would not have it any other way. It is an excellent opportunity to impact future generations and set in motion something that the Devil cannot stop that will have repercussions into all eternity.

I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us with their prayers and financial support. Because of you this School is both a reality and a success beyond our wildest hopes or dreams. Lives are being changed and young people are being impacted by the Word of God and the power of God and the Gospel is being (and will be) fully proclaimed (Romans 15:18-19) So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tomorrow I teach the morning and final session of the School – then after lunch my team will meet with the youth of the local church here. Then a supper with team members and a walk in the downtown area (a large park) with our hosts. Sunday, a morning service (3 to 4 hours), a lunch and then a leaders meeting (60+ attending) before heading to our place of residence to pack ready to leave the next morning on a bus for a 6 hour ride in Kiev and the start of our trip home. I will be home at suppertime Tuesday. I will be very good to be home.

The summer is busy with preparation, teaching of seminars, church planting in Saskatchewan, and then in August heading to Khabarovsk, Russia (overlooks Japan). Your support for this next adventure to an area and a city my team has never been to before. Thanks.

It is 1:00 in the morning here in Ukraine – bed time

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