The Trip Home Begins – Ukraine Delayed Posting #19

Monday – and we are on a train that left Dnipropetrovsk at 6:30 a.m. with four of us from the team on it. We will arrive at 1:00 p.m. in Kiev where we will be picked up. We arrive and I said goodbye to my interpreter Miroslav who has been a serious blessing to the team and a real friend to me. He has been precious and made the last two weeks a joy as we lived and worked together. A fine Christian man who is also an apostle that I am training and who will be working with me again in June, August and November in three different countries as I continue to see my ministry being opened up here in countries of the former Soviet Union.

I spent the whole train ride getting to know him better (on a personal level) and covering a wide range of business topics for the work that he and I will be doing together in the coming years. It was a mix of business and personal but it was all a pleasure as Miroslav is easy to talk with and has some great ideas to help organize the Russian speaking side of my ministry. This will also allow me to work with him more and thus train him faster so he can be about fulfilling the call of apostle on his own life. Working together will also allow us to come to know each other more quickly. Terrific time – one of those warm moments in relationships. (This week – as I post this on-line – he is in the country of Moldova doing apostolic work so we ask you to pray for him).

We had a great lunch with a local pastor then actually had an opportunity to have a small rest. Then later we met with a local pastor and his wife … we had almost 2 hours together and discussed some prophetic dreams that they have had and how these dreams relate to what the Holy Spirit is doing in Ukraine and through them in the realm of apostles and prophets and the prophetic. Bed by ten o’clock after a bowl of soup as a team… and up at 2:15 a.m. to be at the airport on time.
Closing as I am in Frankford, Germany and my second flight for the day is boarding.

Now 35,000 feet in the air on an Air Canada flight from Frankford, Germany to Toronto. The plane has a place to plug in a computer so dragged it out to get some more work done. We have been in the air about three hours and have 5 more to go. Have had the opportunity to do some thinking “out loud” with my Canadianteam member Bob MacDonald about all that has happened in the 21 days we have ‘been on the road again’ and we have looked at some future plans of our joint ministry together and what needs to be done to encourage its development.
He is now having a rest and I’m going to work on a sermon for Sunday. Have been jotting notes during the several flights and rides today. I actually began the sermon on my last flight back from Ukraine in November, 2088 and have been thinking about it and jotting down notes as I researched and studied. Today I think it has gelled enough to now actually start to write. Hopefully this is true as the week will be a blur after I arrive back home and resume “normal life”.

One has this feeling that travelling and ministering on the road in other nations is now going to be my ‘normal life’. I hope so!

Toronto – a stop over. Just enough time to have an extra large Tim Horton’s coffee (with two cream) and enjoy the luxury of good Canadian coffee. Then an opportunity to sort through hundreds of emails that have come through now that we can connect to the internet and our email accounts once again. Sitting at the gate to board the next flight. Then home. It will be good to be home – body time Wednesday at 2 a.m. / Actual time – Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m.

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