The Ten Commandments of the 21st Century

Order and structure provide simplicity. Growing up, no meant no. It was not maybe, or later. It was a simple negative, no, that’s it. Stop asking, we are done. The matter is closed. Further asking will lead to discipline. Parents were that way, teachers were that way, and law enforcement was that way. The Ten Commandments were the backbone of societal structure.

In our day of oozing mediocrity, middle of the road livng, stand for nothing, anything goes moral anarchy, the Ten Commandments might look like this:

  1. You shall choose any god you like, even worship yourself.
  2. Make any image you like. All gods and images lead to heaven. As long as you are sincere, it is all right.
  3. Swear and use any name you like to express yourself. The “F” word is particularly good and using a god’s name adds power to your frustrations.
  4. Work seven days a week. It is important to get ahead and make lots of money. There are greater rewards for those who earn the most toys.
  5. Treat your parents anyway you like. They are only sperm and womb donors so that you might exist.
  6. Do not kill whales, or endangered species, but feel free to kill babies, those you do not agree with, and those too old or incapacitated to contribute.
  7. Feel free to have sex with anyone as long as you both agree. It does not matter what gender is involved as long as you are sincere and care.
  8. Do not steal overtly, plan carefully and make your theft look like a benefit to the victims.
  9. Lie, there is no such thing. It is telling people what they want to hear and can change with each situation.
  10. Desire anything. It is your right to have whatever you want. Whatever anyone else has, if you like it, you should have it.

It is no wonder that we struggle. To enforce a law, the law must be a law, not a suggestion or a preference. The moral laxity is the result of the eroding of the structures which once provided guidance and a standard of rule.

Those of us who hold the Bible to be true and the laws contained therein are being faced with serious challenges. We no longer have the support of the society for truth or standards.

– ATM International

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