The Teaching Ministry at the Apostolic Roundtable

God’s Word is always amazing. As someone who teaches it numerous times a week and preaches every weekend when in my native country – and three times a day every day when on the mission field – I value God’s Word highly and base my life upon the Word. I read the Word twice daily and look to know more than life principles and new revelations on old truths – I read the Word to come to know the Author better. I read the Word, study the Word, memorize the Word, meditate on the Word, believe the Word and share it every opportunity I have to do so. I is amazing.

However, every once in a while I get to sit and listen to someone else teach the Word. This trip to Ohio and Indiana are a prime example of this. This morning I sat in the front row of a church in Celina, Ohio and listened to a seasoned, international trans-local apostle share God’s Word with the people assembled. Tomorrow we will be listening to his son share from God’s Word here at the apostolic roundtable which we drove to after lunch today following the service in the morning. Tonight a meal together to share fellowship and come to know one another. Tomorrow we will share a meal of a different kind together as Jason King brings us a Word of the Lord for this mixed group of older and seasoned apostles and young just-getting-started apostles. This is good as “man does not live on physical bread alone but on every Word thhat proceeds from the mouth of God.”

It is a joy to sit and listen – to learn and absorb – to allow the Word to inform my mind and transform my heart. To hear God speak directly from His Word through a teaching – supernatural. It is not just another teaching; it is more than a good teaching; it is God speaking to me from His heart showing me things He wants me to know and do. Awesome and powerful.

When you come to a time of teaching – when someone has prepared their heart and their material to present what is on God’s heart for the people right there and then – one must come prepared. One’s heart must be right to receive the Word so that it can bear fruit. One must make sure their heart is open and not cluttered with the cares of the world and other things that would prevent the seed of the Word from growing deep roots and bringing forth much fruit. A person must understand their responsibility and their role in this spiritual and supernatural transaction. You just cannot come to a time of teaching and impartation with a casual, take-it-or-leave-it attitude. You must come with heart and mind prepared, open, and ready to receive and respond.

So, as a result of what I strongly believe about preparation – tonight I took some quiet time to simply move away from those in attendance, go for a short walk, spend some time thinking through the last few days (which have been, admittedly, a bit of a blur), and simply being still in God’s presence, having time of solitude and silence, and letting the Spirit of God have His way in my life as He prepares me to receive tomorrow from his servants who will minister to us in times of worship, teaching and the prophetic.

To do less would be to be unprepared and foolish! I fear for the Church and individual believers who attend the teaching of the Word and have not taken adequate time to prepare their heart and soul for the transaction from God’s heart to their heart.

Pictured above – a teaching sesion at a current apostolic roundtable

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    I hope the teaching is really good today and that your meals are better. I’m praying that God will refresh you and speak to you directly and through these new friends and peers. It is wonderful that after all these years you have found a group of peers who I hope will understand the extraordinary call that God has for your life. Love you always, Louise

  2. Sharon Kuhn
    Sharon Kuhn says:

    I hear you. I believe there should be something madatory somewhere that pastors have to be able to go somewhere at least twice a month to help prepare themselves and get a refreshing but I also believe that it should be mandatory for believers or attendees of church services to learn how to prepare their hearts before coming to church in order to get something out of the messages. I believe there is always something in the message for everyone regardless of how small or large, significant or insignificant, It is indeed a time when God is trying to communicate to His people right from His heart, but sadly most of them miss it because they are so full of what is happening around them they forget to check the baggage at the door.


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