The Soaring Eagles

It is Independence Day in the United States and their main symbol is the eagle. This blog has nothing to do with that eagle or the nation of the United States. It has to do with the eagles I saw soaring on the wind this morning as I drank an early morning, and I mean early, coffee at a camp sight in northern Saskatchewan. I am on holidays and mornings have been cool and rainy. This morning was bright and sunny and clear. So, a coffee outside listening to the birds, watching the squirrels, and admiring the soaring eagles gliding on the wind currents over my head and the lake I am camped beside.

It is amazing how the eagles glide. It looks to be effortless but I am sure it is not. They look like they are having fun. Maybe they are scouting for breakfast under the water over which they are soaring. Perhaps they are simply having a good time. But, they have caught the flow of the wind and they are moving as it moves going where the wind takes them.

Of course, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is like the wind. The encounter with Nicodemus is found in John, chapter 3. Jesus told Nicodemus that the Holy Spirit, like the wind, goes where He wants. And, that often we, as believers, won’t know where He has come from or even where He is going. In other words, we may not always be deeply aware of what the Holy Spirit has done, is doing, or will be doing in our lives. And, we will not often know where He is taking us.

So, our task is to ride the wind. Go with the Holy Spirit. At times you may simply be moving forward in your relationship with Him. This is called ‘fellowship’ as seen in 1 Corinthians 13:14. At times you may be moving forward and not know why it is happening or even where you will end up – Like Abraham when He left Ur and headed out with God as his guide not knowing the direction or the destination. At all times it is fun because you are soaring on the wind and moving with the plans and purposes of the Living God whom you love and adore.

To ride the wind for whatever reason we need to yield to the Spirit. If you fight the wind you will not soar like the eagles. You have to go with the wind, go with the flow. We are reminded in Ephesians 5:18 that we are to yield to the Spirit letting Him control our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and attitude. And, yielding means you may not always have a clear understanding of where He is taking you and what He wants you to do when you get there. But you have put Him in control of your life and you are trusting Him completely. 

It is okay not to know everything and understand fully. It is half the fun and we are called to walk by faith and not by sight or understanding. We are called to live in the spirit and not in the flesh. So, let go and begin to soar on the wind.