The Significant Church

I have been at a gathering of people who are serious about seeing the Church of Jesus Christ become a powerful force once again upon the face of the earth. I have spent three days at a conference sponsored by The Significant Church Network. And, it has been a powerful time.

This was not just a meeting of apostles or church planters; it was a meeting of those who have given their whole life to Jesus and ministering full-time with Him. All five-fold ministries were represented and we all gained a fresh vision for what is possible when we work together and accurately discern the times and the seasons we are in.

It was good to fellowship with those who  approach “Church” from a totally different perspective than I do. It was good to meet those who are apostles who do things totally differently than I do. It was good to network with others who share the same heart for  Jesus and the same desire to see multitudes saved every day.

The Church is truly alive.

And, it was good to spend several days with my mentor and have a shared experience together. I missed the opening night of the conference due to flight problems but did get time with him throughout the remaining time.

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