The Secret Of Growing In Wisdom

Someone once said, “The secret of growing in divine wisdom is to come to God stupid. Tell Him you don’t know a thing. Tell Him you need to know how to think, how to tie your shoes, how to win friends and influence anybody!”

With that kind of heart, God does His best work. When He is looking for receptacles into which He can place His divine wisdom, He looks for PHD’s … those who are Poor, Hungry, and Desperate!

Often, when I am ministering to people here and in other nations they often ask to speak to me as they want input or advice. So, I let them know I have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes … whatever it is I actually have available to speak with them. They then proceed to fill the alloted time with the situation they are in and their understanding of that situation. They leave next to no time for the input they apparently desired to receive. They have not come into the situation as a PHD – ready to receive. They have come to share their story and the way they are handling it. Nice! I listen politely. But it means I could have had a cup of coffee and shared some fellowship with someone or simply gone and had a rest. They were really not looking for input – or, at the least, do not know how to receive input.

When I go to see or arrange to talk with one of my mentors – I quickly determine how much time they have for me on the given day and then in a very brief manner explain what I am facing or what I need to know and then shut up. I am “Poor” and needing input and wisdom; I am “Hungry” and needing as much information and insight that I can get; and I am “Desperate” or else, if I knew what to do, I would not be bothering my mentor.I am a PHD… And, I come with a note pad and write down what they are saying. In this way I can remember their points and the wisdom they shared (a digital recording would do the same). It also shows them that I am taking their input seriously.

So, as we all approach another year to learn and to grow here are my suggestions:
1> Find a mentor or two who can help to guide and direct you in the coming year
2> Set out the areas that you want to grow in and then ask for their help in those areas
3> Plan to meet with or talk to them on a “regular” basis (whatever their schedule allows)
4> Come to your meetings with questions to ask and listen to their answers (taking notes)
5> Always enter into your conversations with your mentors PHD – Poor, Hungry, and Desperate.

The next blog will be published and sent out on the 31st of December as I will be working with a writing project next week as well as having some extra family time…

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