The Second Step Of Effective Outreach

We looked at the “F” in the word “faith” as we began our journey into becoming effective as living witnesses for Jesus. Witnessing is more than living a life that Jesus would be proud of. It always involves more than lifestyle – it must involve vocalizing the Gospel so that people hear the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We saw that the “F” stands for ‘find someone’ and we do this on a daily basis and intentionally. I missed an opportunity early yesterday morning when taking my car in for servicing. I needed a ride back to my office and so asked for one. The man behind the counter asked, “Where are you going?” and I told him where my office was. Instead, I should have said, “I’m heading for Heaven in the long term, but today I need to get to my office….” Never mind, tomorrow is another day.

The “A” in ‘faith’ stands for – ASSUME THEY LIKE YOU.

This is often the most difficult hurdle to overcome. However, the Bible states in the Great Commandment that we “are to love your neighbour as you love yourself.” So, if you don’t like and actually love yourself you will never believe or imagine that others could like you. Thus you are immediately defeated. If you can actually like who you are and believe that you are likeable (at least on your good days) then you can overcome the fear, hesitation, and reluctance about engaging people in a conversation about the Lord that often prevents us from opening our mouth.

Charles Stanley, a Baptist pastor, states, “In order to win people to Christ, you need to know how to win them to yourself.”

This step is really believing in the possibilities of actually reaching out and winning someone to the Lord. Too often we do just the opposite, don’t we? We doubt ourselves and question whether people will be open to us and to what we have to ask and say. Isn’t it better to assume that people will actually like you? Get that thought worked into your mind and keep it there. Give people around you the chance to know and engage you in conversation and friendship. This will require that you be real and authentic.

Church Swindoll puts it this way” “Know who you are. Like who you are. Be who you are!”

Remember, witnessing is not just something that you do – rather, a witness is someone you have become. It is a part of your identity.

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