The Search for Identity

We were talking yesterday about stepping off the well-traveled paved route and choosing to walk by faith down the less traveled path of faith in the new year of 2012. God wants each of us to step off the paved road in search of what it means to love and be loved. After all, it is the season when we celebrate the fact that “God so loved that He gave His Son…”

This journey will mean looking deep into your own heart which we seldom take the time to do. This journey inward – to a road less traveled – is not an easy journey but it is an important one. You see, all journeys that really matter start deep inside us and take time. So, do something different this Christmas – different than past years and different than most other people you relate to and share life with – take extra time to take a look inside and travel off the pavement and see what you find.

For much of my life -and if you will admit it – for much of your life – we have been on a search for identity, a quest for belonging, a treasure hunt for meaning. In one word, we have been looking for a place our hearts could call “home.” A place filled with love; a place where we can be ourselves and find acceptance; a place where we can find meaning and purpose and thus begin to experience deep satisfaction and fulfillment. And, this place has nothing to do with a physical address or a series of successes in the job market or in other endeavors we have undertaken.

This Christmas – take that journey off the paved road to the one less traveled that will take you to the center of your heart. All journeys that really matter start deep inside us. And there you will find Jesus. There you will find His deep love for you. You will come to know that he loves every part of you – the good parts, the not-so-good parts, the pretty parts, the broken parts – He loves them all! There, in the center of your being, you will find acceptance, meaning, purpose, hope, and joy. Fear will disappear and peace will, once again, become a reality. And, you will come to know who you really are – your identity. It can only be known in Him.

Christmas is a good time to travel this road less traveled and get off the pavement for a few days and have a good look at your heart – your inner life. There are no road maps or signs to follow … just let the Holy Spirit guide you and direct you. You will discover His love for you and for His love for others; you will discover passion – His passion and compassion towards you; you will encounter personal road blocks that He wants to help you remove so that you can more fully come to know and understand yourself. You will be given fresh direction and renewed purpose and, in the process, discover again your divine destiny and your identity in Him. You find yourself suddenly “at home.”

It is a good time to stop the mad rush of the Christmas season and go in the opposite direction – into the quiet stillness of His heart and allow Him to still and calm your heart so that you can focus, in the special season, on what really matters. Just “Be still and know that He is God.” (Psalm 46:10)

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