The School Begins – Monday

(Picture of part of a crowd of 125 in attendance at three Saturday services … A wonderful church of former Muslims pastored by a business executive originally from India.)

The School for Leaders has begin here in Kazakhstan. This will be the last event of this 19 day thrip. The school runs from Monday to Wednesday and then early Thursday morning I will head home flying Almaty, Kazakhstan to Istanbul, Turkey, to Toronto, Ontario, and then into Regina. I will be in motion for 30 hours because I will be living the same 12 hours twice as I fly into the sunrise for a day….

The School is always a highlight of the trips for me. The School allows me to teach new material that I have not taught before. In many churches I simply teach the same teachings month after month. I never tire of them because they are God’s Word and they are anointed teachings and are really blessing and helping people. But, it is good to move into new territory and teach new material because that is always exciting for those of us who teach on a regular basis… It is always our hope that we will have opportunity to teach it a second time and a third time as then we can rewrite, improve, add and subtract from it and thus make it better as a result of having already taught it.
So, I am looking forward to “flying” some new material and getting feedback from the pastors and leaders at the School. It is always a challenge teaching the School as the leaders have tremendous questions and so those who teach can be and often are seriously challenged by the questions we are asked.

Of course, every session we pray for the sick and prophesy over those in attendance. Our hope is always that by the end of the School – three days, five sessions a day – everyone who needs a prophetic word will have received one.

Please pray for the leaders and pastors in attendance (it is a live-in school, sleeping on mats on the floor and sharing life and meals together for three days and nights). Pray that every one in attendance will be healed of the wounds of ministry and refreshed and refilled by the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for praying.

Please also pray about my attending the Central Asia Consultation being held (by invitation only) in Turkey in early March, 2013. I believe The Lord is leading me to attend – I was invited last year and could not attend – and I am looking for financial and prayer support for this ‘proposed’ trip. Thanks!

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