The Real Question

I write a lot about evangelism. I believe that we need to be out on a daily basis seeking and saving the lost as Jesus did; taking every opportunity to share Jesus with others; entering into this wonderful adventure of evangelism and soul winning that Jesus has given to the Church to accomplish. I believe we must be intentional about talking to others about Jesus or it never happens. I am passionate about it and I talk about it and do it all the time – daily, in fact.

I also write and teach about hearing Godprophecy. I love to prophesy over people and tell them what is on God’s heart for them – their past, present, and future. I think prophesying over people is exciting and, most certainly, life-changing. A walk of faith for myself as the one ministering the prophetic word and for the person receiving – a giant step forward in their walk of faith should they chose to believe the Word and walk it out in daily life.

I read and write and teach a lot about the ministry of apostles and prophets (and other five-fold ministry topics). Again, a cutting-edge topic for the Church and the Kingdom and one that I am, most certainly, deeply involved in and for which I have dedicated the last few years of my life and the next 20 years of ministry that I have left in me. Exciting stuff as we see God establishing a whole new order of ministry.

And the Church – it goes without saying that this too is central to my beliefs and my ministry. I believe all ministry arises out of and is centered in the local church. Again, I have given my life for the local church since 1969 when I first entered seminary and began to work in a local church and preach. I have planted a number of local churches that continue to preach the Gospel and I have been ministering in one of those churches now for 30 years on the 1st of February.

The Bible! Anyone who knows me or hangs around with me knows this is my book. I have read it through many times (an average of 4 times a year every year for over 33 years). I love to read it, study it, write about it, see new truths, watch it transform people as it brings life-change to my own life and the lives of others (from the inside heart level out to everyday behaviour and actions).

But the real love of my life – the reason all of this and much more is so, so important – is Jesus. He saved me and healed me and set me free. He has given me purpose and direction. He loves me, accepts me, and forgives me. He is the real love of my life; the purpose for living.

I was thinking about all this – and much more – the other morning (early morning around 2:00am) and read the verse in Jeremiah that says: “…who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?”(Jeremiah 30:21b NIV). And, I instantly knew the answer, and said it with great love, “I will. Me Lord!”

This is the very foundation of everything I teach – the Church, prayer, the Kingdom, prophesy, apostles and prophets, the Bible, evangelism – Everything we have and everything we do must arise out of a personal, daily, ever-deepening, dynamic, unique, personal love relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ, empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit… This is the key to life itself. This is the center of all we are and all we will ever do for the King and the Kingdom.

So here is the real question: “…who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?” And your answer today is…

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