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The Real Power

It was a normal day and I was doing what is fairly routine in my life – studying God’s Word and writing a teaching for a speaking engagement later in the week. As I was preparing the Holy Spirit interrupted my study and spoke the following words to my heart …

“It is time for My people to become drunk with expectancy and anticipation, instead of staying sober with boredom and unbelief”

As I meditated upon these words the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10) came upon me and spoke to my heart some words about what is about to happen in North America . “It is the day, the season, the time for My people to allow their discontent – a divine discontent for it is from Me,” says the Lord;  “it is time for your discontent and your discouragement to be changed into expectation for I am about to pour out My power upon My people. There is coming a demonstration of My power,” says the Lord. “When and wherever My Word is preached with authority I want My people to anticipate a move of My Spirit and the release of My power. My people should come to each service and event expectant  – for a new season is beginning; a season when I will confirm My Word with signs and wonders following. As in the days of old so shall it be once again – but greater than before for the latter glory shall be greater than the former.”

My sense is that God is saying … It is time for His people to come to each and every service and Bible study expecting God to move with power. As God’s pure Word (not man’s opinion or interpretation) is taught He will confirm that Word with a release of power to minister to His people in the area that was taught from the Word . Teach on healing and He will release His healing power; teach on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then pray for people to be baptized; teach on salvation through the cross and invite people to come forward for salvation – expecting people to respond and for something supernatural to transpire. For it will!

His Word contains power (Isaiah 55:11) and it will accomplish what He sends it forth to do. So, if you are a leader; seek the Lord and find His specific message for the people in each situation (no canned messages that are taught over and over again). God will release power to confirm that Word with signs and wonders (Mark 16:20). Leaders must know the heart of the Father for each venue at which they are asked to share. They must know the Lord’s focus for that meeting. They will need to be ’prophetic’ in their own way and discern the heart of God for each meeting and bring a fresh revelation from the heart of God to the heart of His people. This means that more than information needs to be imparted and taught. It is good to transform and renew minds through the teaching of the Word. But, more importantly in this season, we need to impart life into the spirits of God’s people through teaching revelation knowledge each time we stand behind the “sacred desk” as it was once called.

As well, He is asking His people to come with a new expectation in their hearts and minds. To come to events excited and expectant. He is asking His people to come to hear, receive, and obey the teaching of His Word. To come excited that they are going to hear a life-changing, life-transforming Word from the heart of the Father; for this very attitude will release the Holy Spirit’s power to confirm the Word taught with signs and wonders. We need to expect this – to expect the supernatural to be normal for believers and experienced daily as we receive “our daily bread” that continuously proceeds from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4).

Hear again what He spoke to my spirit…

    “It is time for My people to become drunk with expectancy and anticipation, instead of staying sober with boredom and unbelief”

When we begin, once again, to be excited – remember when you were first saved – then Church services and  Bible studies will also , once again, become more dynamic and life-giving. We will want to be together studying God’s Word because we will come expectant and not be disappointed. We will come expecting to be fed and we will be. Our spirits will be full as we receive fresh manna from the very hand of God. And. God will confirm His Word (when the leader has done his work ahead of time and heard the heart of God for that meeting) with signs and wonders following the teaching and proclamation of that Word. We will come expecting and He will not disappoint us.

Then, when we, His people, are excited and in a constant state of anticipation and expectancy, Sunday services of worship will take on a totally different atmosphere. The Holy Spirit and the unsaved will be attracted to this changed and charged spiritual atmosphere filled with expectancy and excitement and the supernatural will become normal for the Church once again.

A new season is upon us – His people. We have some work to do. We need to replace the boredom and unbelief that we, the Church, have been walking in for many years; replacing it with expectancy and excitement. We need to remove what has been an acceptable approach to our Christian activities – a “business as usual” approach to our individual spiritual lives and our corporate assemblies – and begin to step out in faith once again believing God for miracles, signs and wonders. As we do, He will confirm His Word and we will walk daily in the supernatural which is the way it was always meant to be.


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