The Real Battle

This is really more than an “insight” – it could almost be called a “prophetic warning”. I believe that God is speaking to His Church here in Canada and the United States and is warning us of a battle that is already raging for the hearts and minds of His people.

This Last Days battle is not what we would have expected. Usually our thoughts turn to the face-off between God’s Kingdom and the devil’s kingdom as seen in the revelation of John the apostle. Some believe and write that this Last Days battle will be between the real Church and the apostate church; others that the battle will be between two world religions – the Christian faith and maybe, with events that are unfolding today, the Muslim faith. But, God is speaking to His Church about an internal battle where the enemy is within the fellowship and not attacking from the outside.

I believe a prophetic warning needs to go forth stating that in these Last Days the initial battle front will be between Christians. On the one side of the battle –  those who believe that the Bible is the only and ultimate authority upon which to base one’s life and walk with God; that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant and authoritative  Word of God and so must be the only foundation upon which to build. On the other side – and remember they too are within the Church and call themselves Christians – those who are placing spiritual experiences before the Word of God. These would include encounters and conversations with angels, revelation being brought forth by communicating with long-dead saints (the “Cloud of Witnesses” teaching), seeing orbs of light moving around in a meeting and calling them ministering angels, entering into “the third Heaven” whenever you want and hearing fresh revelation each time you do. These “spiritual experiences” are given such credence and authority that they are accepted as being from God without first testing the experiences and the spirit behind them. As well, anything that is heard or felt must be tested to the Word of God as declared in the Bible. Too much confidence is being placed in untested and unexamined experiences and encounters. And, then these experiences are being taught as doctrine and are, of course, finding acceptance with many believers – including some noted and visible leaders.

The Lord would say:
That in this day and season the first battle being fought is within the Church. As it was in the beginning so it shall be in these Last Days – a war over My Word and the place that My Word has in the hearts and lives of My people. My people lack a depth of understanding of My Word and thus do not accurately discern truth from error as they should and must. The leaders of My people also lack discernment based in a knowledge of My Word and thus are leading My people astray. Beware, for this is not a matter to be taken lightly and a whole generation of leaders could be lost because of this indiscretion and reckless lack of caution. Those I have placed in leadership and to whom I have given authority must seek after Me and cease from seeking after more and more revelation. Fresh revelation will come as you seek after Me. I caution you to no longer declare “peace” when there is no peace as judgment will begin in the House of the Lord and I will remove those who teach contrary to My Word and will purge these teachings from My holy place. Caution and discernment are the key words within My House, says the Lord. Look to the source of what is being received and do not receive teachings contrary to My Word regardless of the prominence or success of those proclaiming the “revelation”. This is the first of many present-day battles that My people will face. Beware and be wary of the source of what you receive as ‘from the Lord’ and test all things to see what spirit they are from.


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