The Point is not the Point

Did Jesus come to deliver us some teachings? Or, did Jesus come to reveal to us the character of God? The point of Christianity is not the point. The point is a person. The point of Christianity is not believing a doctrine but experiencing a reality that transcends all concepts and categories.

Oscar Wilde wrote: “Jesus Christ did not come into the world to teach one anything, but by being brought into His presence one becomes something. And everybody is predestined in His presence. Once at least in his life each person walks with Christ to Emmaus.”

Jesus came to bring us a revelation of the Father. The disciples on the road to Emmaus had a revelation of who this man was that they had just shared the day’s journey with – that He was the Christ, raised from the dead. We need more than a set of teachings or doctrines to base our lives on otherwise we simply have another religion. If we truly have a relationship with God then we need to allow Him to continually reveal Himself to us in everyday life situations and circumstances. After all, that is what keeps a relationship growing, healthy, and dynamic.

So the point of your Bible reading is not to learn more facts from the Bible and to be able to repeat the stories found in the Bible. The point is not the point. The point is a person. And, reading your Bible should be helping you to know the Person better and more intimately each day.

So the point of your worship experience on Sunday is not to feel His presence or even to sense the anointing. The point is not the point. The point is a person. Worship is all about Him and honouring Him together with others through praise and worship.

So the point of your sharing the Gospel and witnessing is not to get people to say the sinner’s prayer or even to build the church – although these are important. The point is not the point. The point is a person. Without a personal relationship to the person of Jesus no one can enter heaven when they die.

So the point of your prayer time is not to let God know what your needs are. The Bible states that He already knows what you have need of … The point of your prayers is not to twist His arm and get Him to do things for you. The point is not the point. The point is a person and prayer is simply your means of building a relationship with Jesus – by listening and talking.

The point is always the person of Jesus. The reason we do everything we do is Jesus. The focus of everything we do should be Jesus. And everything we do should be bringing new and fresh revelations of who Jesus is and how much He loves every individual upon the planet including us. The point of all of this ‘thing’ we call Christianity is Jesus.

The point of this short blog today is to ask you: “How you are doing with Jesus?” Remember, He is the point of all of history – history is simply “His-story.”

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