The Obvious Issues Regarding Vision

When we are discussing the vision of a local church there are several immediate issues that we run into and must not ignore.

  1. 1> Although they are good people and have been called to ministry, most senior leaders do not have an understanding of God’s vision for the ministry they are trying to lead – the church.  As well, they do not have a grasp on or understanding of God’s vision for their own personal ministry as leader of the local church and their trans-local ministry. As a consequence, most churches and their senior leader have little to no impact and never achieve their potential in God.
  2. 2> Most believers know about the concept of vision but few disciples of the Lord have God’s vision in place for their life and ministry. Why? Because they have never taken the time to sort out what God’s vision for their life and ministry is.

As a result disciples often experience feelings of frustration and self-doubt, a slide into spiritual complacency, heightened selfishness, and the acceptance of mediocrity within the church. This struggle with purpose, meaning and significance can only be solved by discerning and implementing God’s vision for their lives.

Although leaders and people are aware of the concept and importance  of vision – personal and corporate – few have taken the time or invested the energy (spiritual, mental, and physical) to discover the call upon their life and the ministry that the Lord has uniquely designed them to fulfill in their lifetime. Until this happens the church and individual disciples of the Lord will be severely limited in impact upon the community and individual lives.

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