The Next Step or Two – Calgary #6

I have been back from Calgary for almost 48 hours and have had a little time to think about my time there with Dennis Cramer and the people of Kingdom Ambasador Ministries. It is always good to let thoughts and feeling settle and to simply go back to “normal life” for a day or two before trying to summarize the trip and what I believe God did and is doing (as I promised to do in “Calgary #5”).

It was a time of arranging a very small bit of the foundation of a new Church that began functioning in March of this year. The Bible says that the Cornerstone of the Church is Jesus Christ but that the foundation is the apostles and prophets (Ephesians 2:20). So, we went to do whatever the Lord led us to do – knowing that this would be “foundational” both because of who we are (an apostle and a prophet) and because of the ministry description as set out in that verse. Because we are foundational – we believe you can build on what we bring to a ministry event such as this.

At this point – it is time to sit down and list everything I said and saw while there and e-mail it to the pastor of the Church (and to the prophet). This will allow him to remember things … as much came up at the numerous meetings we held and we moved quickly from one topic to another. This will be about 8 hours of work as I sift through all my scribbled, hand-written notes from those meetings. Then we will begin long phone conversations as we continue to discuss these items and move forward to the ‘next step’ in each area – which we will determne through prayer and waiting on the Lord.

Shooting from the hip and a good memory – the following areas will require considerable involvement on my part:

1> Designing a new believers class for the Church – they expressed the need as they are seeing many saved on a regular basis

2> A discipleship system of some sort – I do have a 30 part discipleship school and so we will need to talk about setting up a Calgary campus for that school

3> Leadership training – really should be one of our first priorities as he has a good crew of potential leaders who are loyal and loving and sold out on what is happening but who need to be equipped

4> Evangelism training – people seem hungry to share but most are leary about it as they don’t know how to share the Gospel with others in today’s fast paced society

5> Mentoring the pastor – whose full call from God is to be an apostle (evident by what has already been accomplished in such a short time) by first building a depth of relationship and then sharing life (and information and giftings) with him over the next few years

6> Working directly with a number of young men called out – a pastor/teacher/Network planter (Noah), a five-fold evangelist (Neal), a prophet (Ryan), and several others.

My first trip back – to be scheduled early this summer – will be to “pastor the prophecies”. This will involve maybe three days of one hour appointments as I sit with the person who received the prophecy (and their pastor) to go through it with them helping them to understand what was said (you are called to prophesy – that does not mean you are a prophet) and what they need to do first, second, and so on.

Hopefully we will have that organized this week (date-wise) and have it all accomplished before the end of August, 2008. Then, in the new season, in the fall, we can move forward with some of the others things listed above…

Of course, being there to pastor the prophecies means I will have a good chunk of time to meet with the pastor and begin working with him in more depth.

That would be a good start – and an investment of hundreds of hours – and I look forward to every minute of my time with this dynamic, young CHurch in the city of calgary and with the young men called to full-time ministry.

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