The New Wine of the Spirit – Part Two

The new wine that is now being poured out worldwide and received by some and rejected by many comes to replace the religious traditions, obsolete methods, and old mentalities or patterns of thinking; to replace programs with relationships and to do away with old ministry philosophies, negative attitudes, and all other old patterns that have been operating in the church that we now know – the old wine skins.

The new wine needs new wineskins in order to flow properly and actually continue to impact lives. If the new wine is poured into old wineskins it will break these old containers and then flow out uncontrollably. The new wine (the fresh anointing and power of God) will, once again, be seen briefly and then lost to another generation. This is what has happened over many decades, even centuries. The new wine is poured out, the supernatural begins to be seen and experienced, and then the old wineskins reject the new wine (break open and burst) and the renewal, the revival, the movement is lost. Tradition continues to keep people from experiencing God’s life and power.

This time it will be important to have people in leadership and mature disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ who follow them – believers and leaders who are trained and equipped to handle the fresh outpouring of the Spirit – the new wine – so as not to see it simply burst the current wineskins, flow out and be lost. God is currently preparing those leaders and disciples – and welcomes anyone willing to walk by faith and give up what is without fully knowing what is to come. This outpouring of new wine will not be lost to the Church this time because these willing leaders and believers will guarantee that it will continue to flow and cause the new wine both to flow worldwide as well as continually – not ending as renewals and revivals always have. This will be, for those who respond, a new and permanent way of life.

And, those who do not respond? Well, they will be rejecting the move of God’s Spirit and His plan and purpose for today – for His Church. They will continue to pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” and like the Pharisees in the Gospels they will simply miss God’s will, God’s plan and God’s purpose. They will continue to worship, run programs, hold meetings, and call themselves a “church.” But, the Lord will not be able to honor their traditions because that church will not be welcoming or honoring Him and His new wine.

An apostle who ministers today has made a good point:Some leaders adopt new methods before changing the wineskin or container (the church or ministry they lead), and that is why they are unable to reach their goals. To achieve effective and permanent results, we must change the wineskin first. In other words, we must change the way we think and begin to apply the new methods. The wineskin must be flexible and have the ability to be stretched far enough to contain the new ideas, patterns of thought, and the methods of the new wine.

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