The Mix-up And…

Instead of being picked up on Monday morning – picked up on Sunday night after a long day. Then a long drive in pouring rain into the next city – the city of Krasnoarmeisk where we are spending three days. Welcome to ministry.

The hotel they booked – with the bathroom and shower down the hall – was cancelled due to elections and no one told those who booked it that this was the case. 12:30a on Monday morning and we find out we have no place to stay and we are looking for a place to stay. Krasnoarmeisk only has one hotel so… I am in a “storage room” in a senior’s very small apartment and my interpreter is next door in a similar situation. The rooms are seriously hot and the windows don’t open …

The schedule set out is seriously impossible and was not communicated clearly. So, on the drive here we renegotiated the schedule so I am not not teaching and prophesying 15 hours a day. Yup! That was what they were expecting. Of course, there would be two meal breaks to rest. Want to know a secret? The rest never happens as people want a prophecy, have questions they want answered or simply want to talk all through the meal, of course. My interpreter does not get an opportunity to eat or rest as he works in both languages and I don’t get an opportunity to rest as I answer questions and talk. So, we narrowed it down to 8 hours a day plus two meals – 10 hours of work if services end on time.

It was to be a school with students there all day and evening. Not the case. Different audience each time. Small in the morning, better in the afternoon, large in the evening…so no continuity in the teachings and what I teach in each session must stand alone as people hearing it might not have heard the previous teachings … messes up all the planning and organizing that we did before arriving here.

So, we are jumping in tomorrow literally into the unknown after a poor night sleep on the floor and in an extremely hot room … pray for us as it will be a very long Monday. Hopefully it will get better.

Welcome to the ministry.

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