The Mission of Ralph Howe Ministries

Yesterday I mentioned your personal mission statement and what it is the Lord has called you to do and to accomplish with your time on the planet. Today. I would like to share the mission statement for Ralph Howe Ministries – the sponsor of these blogs…

“Introducing the ministry of apostles and prophets to the 21st Century Church;
Laying biblical foundations to bring healing and wholeness to that Church;
Equipping and releasing a generation of passionate leaders (who will be);
Ministering in supernatural power to win the lost and plant new expressions of the Church that Jesus is building.”

I look regularly at the call upon this ministry that the Lord has given to me and review what I am doing and planning to do in light of what it is He has asked us to do here at Ralph Howe Ministries. Often there is a need to make small adjustments to bring us into line with His design and purposes. But, generally we are close to the center of His will most of the time.

As we plan 2013 it is fast becoming rather full with numerous overseas apostolic trips as well as well an increase in ministry in North America. It is also very evident that there is a great need and demand for written material to be published and circulated to enable and equip churches to make the changes the Lord is asking of His people in all nations. The demand for materials continues to increase as do the range of topics I am asked to write on and supply material about.So, it has become abundantly obvious that more time will be spent in the study in 013 and less in the office and doing other things that ministry often requires.

So, as we go through the hectic December Christmas season there is some soul searching to do, timetables to adjust, priorities to evaluate and reposition, and much prayer needed so that we are ready to jump into 2013 and continue to fulfill the mission of Ralph Howe Ministries in the nations of the world and here at home.

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