The Ministry of the Prophet – Part Seven

Prophets need a place to share the things they are seeing and hearing. Rather obvious, surely! And, a leadership team or a fivefold ministry team must provide a safe place for prophets to speak to the church. Whether this is a regularly scheduled and appointed time or an “as needed” basis, it is important that they have a place to “download” what they are hearing from the Lord. Otherwise, they will speak in the wrong place at the wrong time out of frustration, and there will usually be a mess to clean up !

The words that are brought forth also need to be responded to properly. One of the most destructive things a church leadership team can do to a prophet is not to respond to a word that the prophet gives. The prophet is left in the dark not knowing if the word was accurate, all wrong, or just ignored. Leadership must decide if it is from God or not or if the timing is wrong. A prophet must learn to be the delivery person of the word and then let it go. He cannot be responsible for what the leadership does or does not do with the word received. He cannot take it personally if the word is not accepted immediately or acted upon. In other words, a prophet cannot “own” the word.

“Owing” happens when the prophet begins to feel a personal responsibility to see the word acted upon. He gets very frustrated if the leaders do not do what he prophesied. At this point, he has just crossed the line. A prophet is meant to deliver the word to the correct receiver. It is up to those who are responsible for the church where the word was given to apply and implement it. That is a gift of prophesy at work.

The Lord always has a solution to a problem. Let’s not take the prophetic gift and the ministry of the fivefold prophet for granted as we strive for accuracy in the prophetic words God gives. The prophetic gift remains an extremely important and much needed gift in the body of Christ. Jesus has given us the fivefold ministry gift of prophet so we can become more mature in the prophetic and hear what He is saying to the church today.

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