The Ministry of the Fivefold Pastor – Part Four

A fivefold pastor has three basic needs in ministry. For a fivefold pastor to be effective in the on-going development of the Kingdom and the local church, he should have these three basic needs met and these gifts functioning alongside him in ministry.

1> The fivefold pastor needs insight – a teaching gift. So he needs a fivefold teacher whom he can work with. Since his primary gift and calling is to teach people how to care for one another, he emanates love, comfort and security. However, even though the fivefold pastor can and must teach, he needs the added insight a fivefold teacher brings to his ministry so that people are firmly grounded in the Word of the Lord and the basic Christian doctrines. A fivefold teacher’s insight into the weaker areas of the group will help to give direction to the type and amount of teaching that is needed, focusing on the weaker areas so they can be turned into strengths.

2> A fivefold pastor needs foresight – otherwise he will get caught up in just the immediate needs that he sees in the local church and forget the direction that the local church should be going in. He needs a prophetic voice speaking into his life, the life of the leadership team, and the life of the local church.

3> A fivefold pastor needs oversight – he needs someone with an apostolic gift who can see the bigger picture. This person is available to assist through difficulties and speak encouragement in the midst of trials. Many fivefold pastors have given up on a local church during a difficult season because there was no one there to encourage them and help them see what was taking place in the larger scope of things. An apostle on the team can give hope and courage and stir faith in the heart of the fivefold pastor and the people while giving wise counsel and insight into the life of the local church. The fivefold pastor also needs the apostolic individual for vision and to know where the local church should be going.

A fivefold pastor needs the teaching, prophetic, and apostolic gifts speaking into his life and ministry so as to bring about God’s full plan and purpose for His people. At times, the fivefold pastor may feel threatened by the ministry of these other fivefold ministers but when he sees the need in his own life and ministry for input from other team members he will look to them for help. When he sees that the others in the fivefold ministry are not trying to build their own ministries but are simply helping to co-labour with him, he can trust them. The others in the fivefold are meant to come alongside and assist him in the purpose God has given to him as a fivefold pastor ministering within a local church structure.

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