The Ministry of the Evangelist – Part Five

Fivefold evangelists desire to see others in the Church receive a burden for evangelism. You can tell the difference between an individual who has taken the call that is on every disciple to “go into all the world and make disciples” and a fivefold evangelist. A fivefold evangelist ministers to you in a level of grace that encourages you. After their evangelistic message or their training to evangelize, you cannot wait until you can go out and share Jesus with someone. A fivefold evangelist releases a gift of faith into the heart of the people and they realize that they can actually “make disciples” and share Jesus with others. This is very evident because they are called to “equip the saints.” Many other evangelists are good at crusade meetings and local revivals but there are missing the equipping element that is seen in the ministry of all fivefold evangelists.

When others share the need to go out and win the lost you may feel guilty that you are not reaching more people for Christ. False guilt in not a motivator, but if it is conviction from God – now that can be a great motivator. A passion for the lost and faith that the Lord has given to you the ability to tell others is a great motivator. This is what a true fivefold evangelist imparts into the hearts and minds of the people under his ministry. There is never a feeling of guilt and shame – always a sense of “I can do this.”

A fivefold evangelist trains and equips the saints in the “how to” of evangelism and releases a knowing deep inside that they can all tell others about the night and day difference that Jesus has made in their lives.

The Church today lacks an evangelistic fervour because of the extreme lack of the ministry of the fivefold evangelist. This role within the fivefold ministry team is the one who comes and gives practical training in reaching the lost. They will also motivate people to come to a place of faith, excitement, and anticipation of sharing Jesus with others. Their anointing is needed as it empowers people to go into their neighbourhood and work places and share the Lord with those they are relating to.

Fivefold evangelists also disciple others who have the call of fivefold evangelist. They will train, equip, and mentor those who are called into this fivefold ministry and then release them into the harvest to win others and into the Church to train others. Fivefold evangelists want to see themselves multiplied. They are not only interested in bringing others to Christ; their deep desire is to train and release many more like-minded and called individuals. This is true spiritual parenting.

Fivefold evangelists are also called alongside the other fivefold ministers to bring the Body of Christ to a place of maturity and perfection (Ephesians 4:13). They carry zeal and a holy fire that ignites the Body of Christ drawing them into a lifestyle of ministry. Fivefold evangelists especially are co-workers and extensions of the apostolic ministry (2 Timothy 4:5; 1 Thessalonians 3:2) They help to extend the frontiers of God’s Kingdom.

Each of the fivefold gifts carries a different personality. It is not always easy for fivefold ministers to relate to one another due to the strengths of their gifts and the fact that each views life, ministry, and the Church from the strengths of that particular gift. But it is a good thing that one of the dynamics of Jesus’ presence in our lives is the ability to walk together in unity. There is room for all the ministry gifts of the fivefold team.

While the ministry of the evangelist is one of the most widely recognized gifts in the Body of Christ; there is a vast difference between an evangelist and a fivefold evangelist. Both are seriously needed in the Body of Christ today. We need both kinds of evangelists to win the lost as they run major meetings in churches and in communities. But only fivefold evangelists impart zeal for souls to be saved and to equip the saints with wisdom and anointing to win the lost.

A fivefold evangelist starts by sharing Jesus with others. As they continue to see more and more people coming to a personal relationship with Jesus it becomes clear that there is a gift and a calling at work within them. He begins to share his experiences with the church of which he is a part. They are energized and excited by his testimonies and stories. People invite their unsaved friends to their house or local church while this young evangelist is there, and through the course of the evening see their unsaved friends led to the Lord. A fivefold evangelist continues to walk in submission the local church leadership making himself available to encourage others in sharing Jesus with their unsaved friends. He begins to share his anointing and his knowledge.

As times goes on, and he is found faithful, continuing to labour alongside of others within the church, the leadership team of the church may ask him to do some teaching on evangelism. He willingly agrees. Others are encouraged and motivated to share their faith through his ministry. The young evangelist begins to see this budding gift and calling in others and nurtures that gift in them, encouraging them to begin to use their gifts more frequently. The leadership team, observing his faithfulness and effectiveness, begin to see in him the calling of the fivefold evangelist and ask him if he is willing to enter into the leadership team of the local church. Then they begin to connect him with more mature fivefold evangelists who can continue to encourage the young man’s gifts and calling to grow and be released. He begins to be mentored by more mature fivefold evangelists and his calling begin to be released and recognized outside the local body as he continues to grow and mature.

Just like other fivefold ministries, a fivefold evangelist starts by faithfully using the gifts the Lord has given to him, not looking for position or looking for a title, but only desiring to be used by the Lord to bring others to Christ.


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