The Ministry of the Apostle – Part Six

It is essential for modern day apostles to have proven prophets working alongside them (Ephesians 2:19-22). Together they form a powerful team if they learn to honour each other’s gifts and work together. The apostle keeps the Church in a forward thrust, and the prophet helps the apostle to see the current “Word of the Lord” so he is building properly (1 Corinthians 12:28-29). The prophetic also keeps the apostle on track and true to the call of the Lord on his life. The apostle and prophet not only complement each other by working together in the unity of the Spirit, but they also need each other for the enhancement of each of their ministries.

Most apostles are aware of how much they need the prophetic, but not all prophets are aware of how much they need the apostolic in their lives. Without the apostle, the prophet can begin to think more highly of himself than he should, for he carries the “Word of the Lord.” The apostle is able to speak to the prophet and bring correction and adjustment where necessary. The apostles need the prophets, or they will have a tendency to miss some very important things that the prophets can see.

There have been a number of times when, as apostolic leaders, we have a real sense of the direction we should go, but the prophets help to show us some key things that are missing before we can advance to where we want to go. Sometimes it is an aspect of timing or something that is specifically hindering us from moving forward. The prophetic role and gift brings it to light so that we can deal with it effectively.

Sometimes individuals who have both an apostolic and a prophetic gift will find themselves in the following scenario. When they are around someone with a strong apostolic gift with the apostolic authority for a given area, their prophetic gift is much stronger. And when they are around someone with a stronger prophetic gift where they have apostolic authority, they operate in a much stronger apostolic gift. It’s part of the Holy Spirit’s ability to draw out what is necessary where it is needed.

Next time we begin to look at the ministry of the fivefold prophet…

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